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What Opera II users need to know

It’s a fact that Pegasus has started to wind down Opera II. After 16 successful years the main focus is now their flagship software Opera 3. Just consider this. The first iPhone came out 8 years ago in 2007. Windows XP came out in 2001 and has now been killed off by Microsoft. Google started to collect data from the libraries of Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan, and the University of Oxford as well as The New York Public Library to digitise books from their collections and make them searchable in Google back in 2004. Remember:

  • Most software goes end of life every couple of years (yes even Sage).
  • Pegasus Opera II is now over 15 years old.


And, ask yourself, how old is your current car?

What Opera II users need to know:

  • With future releases of Opera, there will be no upgrade path from Opera II.
  • Opera II is now in maintenance only mode. There will be no major enhancements or new modules developed for Opera II. Opera II users receive legislative and maintenance fixes only.
  • The additional functionality in Opera 3 far exceeds what’s available on Opera II.
  • You may not be aware that your AMC will increase year on year for Opera II.
  • Pegasus Software has commenced the of End of Life for Opera II with the announcement of no further updates to be made for the Opera II Payroll module.


From February 2018, Pegasus will no longer issue HMRC updates for Opera II Payroll. To remain HMRC compliant, Pegasus Opera II clients must upgrade to Opera 3 before February 2019.

Upgrading to Opera 3

Synergy Technology urges all Opera II users to upgrade to Opera 3 as soon as possible and avoid any multiple demands or delays to upgrade.

Once you get started you can then enjoy the features available in Opera 3 including: enhanced user interface, improved reporting, open period accounting and credit management.

Opera 3 also has a brand new user interface with a bright, fresh look and feel. The introduction of a ribbon bar navigation and custom designed icons makes the user experience better. It really is so much easier to use. Users will become far more organised using the new Scheduler application that allows you to run Opera 3 tasks at a time that suits you. Ian Thomas, Synergy Technology.

With Opera 3 you can schedule tasks such as period ends, system back up and tidy system files to run overnight or over the weekend so you do not disrupt the day to day running of your business. Other enhancements include full integration with MS Office 2010 as well as mouse wheel navigation to speed up record searching.

Using a dedicated Pegasus Partner like Synergy Technology gives you peace of mind that your transition is smooth and trouble free. As a dedicated Opera specialist we can work with you to understand your requirements, analyse problems, manage change and rapidly implement Opera 3. We can provide face-to-face advice, support and training every step of the way.

Contact Synergy Technology on 0345 456 0050 to discuss your company’s requirements.