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Opera 3 gives you a unified view of your business and knowledge sharing

Opera 3 is designed to be a completely flexible and totally customisable system.

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The award-winning Opera 3 gives you the integrated tools and information for complete control of your business and processes, in the areas of financials, supply chain management, payroll and business intelligence. It is tailored to suit your individual business needs whilst remaining a scalable system for the future.

Synergy Technology is one of the UK’s leading providers of Pegasus accounting, payroll and business software solutions. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified Pegasus software consultants who can help to install, train and support your Pegasus Opera system.

One System. One Solution.

Opera 3 provides a unified view of your business and knowledge sharing to enable your team to work remotely and access key decision making information quickly and easily. Opera 3 is a complete business solution that can be fully integrated throughout your organisation, eliminating the need to run separate finance, payroll and service systems. Offering unbeatable inter-departmental integration and knowledge sharing, Opera 3 can give everyone in your a company a unified view of your business.

Fully Customisable

Every business is unique, with individual requirements and particular challenges. Opera 3 is designed to be completely flexible and totally customisable with applications, features, configuration and setup options that allow you to build the solution you specifically need to suit your business.

Dedicated Professional Opera Support

Synergy Technology delivers a high quality support service. We are here to help. Our support service is backed by Service Level Agreements to ensure we meet each and every clients’ individual support requirements.

  • Help is at hand through our telephone and remote access software support.
  • We will contact any third party provider on your behalf to help ensure that your issues are resolved.
  • We will visit your premises onsite if your query or issue cannot be resolved remotely.
  • We offer additional services including consultancy, project management, software development, installation, implementation and training.

Our Opera support service is managed in-house by Synergy Technology’s dedicated internal team. Each client also has a dedicated account manager.

Sales Pipeline Management – Opera 3 CRM

CRM is a fully integrated application of Opera 3 that gives you clear visibility into all stages of the sales process. From the first point of contact, you can manage prospects, convert prospects to customers, manage the customer relationship, report on their profitability and increase your business potential with them, all from one solution.

Opera 3 gives you the power to manage progression from prospect to customer. It helps make sure you never miss an opportunity or lose sight of a customer, and gives the sales team vital access to all prospect and customer information, even when on the road.

It integrates with Outlook, Excel and Word so that you can manage your communications.

Seamless integration with Supply Chain Management and Financials eliminates re-keying and ensures account information is always close at hand.

What our customers are saying

"Synergy Technology has been instrumental in implementing our IT systems and ensuring that we maximise the effectiveness of SuperOffice within our business. The Synergy Technology team really has made this a success for us and also SuperOffice as a product."

Alastair Shires, Contender UK

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