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Data Capture Incorporate all the aspects of your day-to-day warehouse routine.

With a comprehensive software package that utilises the multiple benefits of modern barcode technology.

Mobile Applications, Data Capture, Data Management Software, WMS, Barcoding & Labelling Specialists.

MJM offer a range of data capture and collection technology solutions. Standard or bespoke software, bar-coding, hardware and labelling can be supplied to ensure a tailored, cost-effective and efficient package is provided.

Data Capture Technology

This software package utilises the multiple benefits of modern barcode technology. This user friendly solution is designed to ensure accurate and efficient processes throughout the Supply Chain, ultimately for better Warehouse Management.

Compatible with Opera 3 and CIS business applications from Pegasus.

Key Features

  • Stock Manager, Receipt Manager and Despatch Manager.
  • Customisable software linked with barcoding creates the most comprehensive Warehouse Management Solution.
  • Barcodes can be printed onto standard labels direct from any device.
  • An extensive range of additional modules are available to meet your needs.
  • Live Picking and Live Stock Lookup is enable

Key Benefits

  • No transcription/hand writing errors means improved accuracy.
  • Reduced duplication of transactions results in enhanced utilisation of staff.
  • Time saved during work hours can be allocated to focus on customers.
  • The standard modules can be customised to suit you as your company grows.
  • The Bridge Batch can be upgraded to Bridge Live at anytime.

Return on Investment

  • 80% average time saved during stock take (labour and elapsed).
  • Improvement in picking and goods in.
  • Total improvement in efficiency and less downtime.
  • Accurate stock holding.
  • Reduced stock.
  • Real time forecasting of stock-outs.

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