Application Support

KCPOS, KC Stock, KC eCommerce & MJM Add-Ons

Synergy Technology is an established provider of the award-winning Pegasus Opera 3 system.

Opera 3’s powerful capabilities let you control tasks including accounting and payroll out-of-the-box. Now, with the option of add-ons from Synergy Technology, you can use Pegasus Opera to accomplish an even wider range of tasks.

We can expand your Opera 3 system’s operational capabilities using add-ons including MJM, KCPOS, KC Stock and KC eCommerce.


The MJM add-on for Opera 3 is a comprehensive software expansion which can perform an array of helpful tasks. It is a Warehouse Management System (WMS), taking control of all stock movements, in or out of the business and between warehouses. Our experts can integrate MJM with your existing system to fully unlock its potential as a business management software.

From industry-leading barcode technology to support for scanners, printers and stock control modules, MJM provides an unprecedented level of control for businesses of all types.

This add-on is particularly well-suited to businesses that trade in goods, whether through retail, manufacturing or via distribution and logistics.

Speak to the Synergy Technology team today about how MJM could be used to streamline and optimise your business operations.


Synergy Technology is an official reseller of KCPOS. The KCPOS add-on is a fantastic addition that facilitates easier management of EPOS systems, stock control, accounting and even websites. This affordable option provides the tools you need to manage multiple departments and is particularly useful in warehouses.

Industries that could benefit from a KCPOS add-on include:

  • Tourist attractions
  • Retailers
  • Trade counters
  • Wholesale
  • Distribution
  • Hospitality

Using KCPOS in any of these industries (including others not listed here) can help to improve operational efficiencies, save you both time and money.

To learn more about how KCPOS can make your Opera 3 system even more useful, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team.

KC Stock

KC Stock enables lines of communication between your business’s different systems, helping you make more informed decisions. From websites to accounting and more, having the information you need to-hand at any given point can prove vital.

By bridging the gaps between your system’s databases and through the application of native data syncing, KC Stock can provide on-demand, synchronised data with a minimum of fuss. It’s the intelligent way of ensuring your business is running as it should be.

KC eCommerce

The KC eCommerce add-on creates a simple link between your e-commerce website and your Opera 3 accounting system. This helps to streamline the online payment process and keeps your finance and accounts departments in control.

This software helps you to:

  • Automatically transfer product, pricing and customer account information
  • Take web orders directly from your internal stock record
  • Enable 24/7 connectivity between your office and your website

Pegasus Opera 3

For more details about the outstanding Pegasus Opera 3 system, please visit our website today. Remember: you can ask our technical team about any or all of these add-ons by calling 0345 456 0050 now.