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Pegasus Opera with XRL

There are various add-in features available to Pegasus Opera users which can provide you with necessary additional features which you require at your company. One of the popular add-ins features available is Pegasus XRL.

What is Pegasus XRL?

Pegasus XRL is a powerful and flexible Microsoft Excel tool which provides an easy and effective way of extracting your financial information directly from your live data held within your Opera 3 system to an Excel spreadsheet. You can retrieve, view, analyse and manipulate what could often be complex business reports into a familiar spreadsheet environment.

This helps to eliminate the need for re-keying and copy-and-pasting, whilst ensuring that no crucial data falls through the cracks. This add-in features is available for Opera 3, Opera CIS and Opera Operations II.

Ease of Use

Pegasus XRL will appear like any other add-in feature in Excel, as an additional menu item in Excel, which every user can quickly learn how to fully utilise Pegasus XRL through the XRL Wizard. With just a few clicks, users can create bespoke reports from scratch or through templates provided based on live data from Opera 3.

To extract the data into Excel, you simply need to select your company, identify the area of the system you are interested in (such as payroll, stock, sales, costing etc.) and choose your required fields. All the instructions and data retrieved are written in simple English, eliminating any technical jargon making it user friendly for all at your company.

Reporting Power

Producing reports within XRL can be quick and easy, in which further reporting power is provided with multi-dimensional analysis tools such as Cube Analysis and shortcuts to Excel Pivot Tables. To generate the reports, you able to create links between your data in Pegasus Opera and cells in a spreadsheet. This all enables for you to present accurate and up-to-date information effortlessly.


The drilldown feature in XRL allows for you to investigate your imported data in Excel and drill down to the transactions behind each data field. By using this feature, you help to save yourself time by having an immediate answer to the transactions behind the field, therefore you would not have to refer to your Pegasus Opera. This is useful for ecommerce businesses wanting to extract invoice numbers for a customer to work out their turnover value.

Reporting back to Pegasus Opera

Another great feature with XRL is that it works both ways! You can take information prepared in Excel and write it back into your Pegasus Opera using the Data Send Facility. Not only does this feature save your time, but it also eliminates the need to undertake mundane repetition of manual input and reduces risk of human error.

Benefits to Pegasus XRL

Pegasus XRL has proven to be an effective cost-effective tool for Pegasus Opera customers. The main benefits to your and your company include:

  • Save time due to reduced manual entry
  • High levels of security to ensure sensitive data is only accessible to relevant personnel
  • High level of accuracy with data transfers
  • Improved results to act upon with powerful analytical tools
  • Instant management information to enable you to make faster decisions
  • Reporting tools make data easier to understand
  • Information can be retrieved from anywhere at any time through online reports.


If you want to learn more about the Pegasus XRL add-in feature, then you can get in touch with Synergy Technology today on 0345 456 0050.