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Construction Companies! Our IT solutions and business applications will help you to deliver building and construction projects on time and within budget.

Supporting Construction - Supporting construction where project planning and efficiency is critical

  • Boost efficiency and lower costs by streamlining processes.
  • Empower employees to increase productivity and share best practices.
  • Reduce risk with better access to accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Record and monitor the entire sales process from enquiry to order.
  • View business information centrally and record it in a uniform way.
  • Keep contact data up-to-date for both valued and potential customers and suppliers.
  • Devise a proactive approach to customer services with centrally stored information.
  • Monitor and manage projects with requests and follow-ups recorded at project level.

Synergy Technology -
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The greatest challenge for clients within the building and construction industry is to complete construction projects on time and within budget.

It is vital that building and construction companies look to maintain a competitive advantage and ensure maximum return on investment. Implementing IT solutions and business applications that cover all aspects of their business processes is critical to achieving these objectives.

By linking complex tasks such as estimating, order management, accounts payable processing and stock tracking, saves time and reduces errors and helps to ensure that management decisions are based on the most up-to-date information.

Synergy Technology supports a wide range of building and construction companies throughout the UK, by providing IT solutions and business applications and bespoke systems to meet their specific needs.

Connecting Processes. Building Solutions

Align Your People
Information & Processes

Simplify Administraion
Improving Cost Control

Effective Communication
Building Strong Relationships

Build Security
Flexibility for a mobile workforce


Investing in the most suitable applications helps to take the guess work out of being efficient. Streamlining business processes, removing duplication, and increasing accuracy provides better business intelligence in order to make informed decisions quickly, and is instrumental in improving business performance, profitability and gaining a competitive advantage. With extensive experience working within the construction industry, Synergy Technology is familiar with the unique challenges that face this sector.

By adopting a hosted IT solution and using cloud based applications, the processes, materials and construction teams linked to building and construction projects can be managed from one single source, be it via the office or onsite. Therefore, by sharing information and projects the full project team including the accounting and purchasing staff, contracts and plant managers and surveyors can all share and review critical information. This ensures effective project management and the alignment of processes.

Synergy Technology provides comprehensive financial and contact management database systems and resource management software and our IT and business solutions and dedicated system and application support ensures the streamlining of processes and helps clients to build and develop business.

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    "Synergy Technology has been instrumental in implementing our IT systems and ensuring that we maximise the effectiveness of SuperOffice within our business. The Synergy Technology team really has made this a success for us and also SuperOffice as a product."

    Alastair Shires, Contender UK

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