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Digital dashboards have been around in SuperOffice for some time and offer a powerful tool you can use to boost productivity and benefit your business.

Are you making the most of our SuperOffice digital dashboards? In our latest blog post, the Synergy Technology team looks at different dashboard setups and how they can be used to make SuperOffice more useful than ever.

What are Digital Dashboards?

SuperOffice is a powerful CRM software suite offering almost limitless possibilities for your business.

Your Superoffice’s digital dashboard is a place where information can be displayed at a glance, in a number of different ways. It is a powerful analytical tool that is ideal for displaying performance, sales or other data quickly and easily.

By setting up additional digital dashboards and allowing access by key members of staff, you can inform your organisation and make your SuperOffice setup work even harder for your business.

Setting up Digital Dashboards

Digital dashboards are accessed via the Dashboards icon on your SuperOffice suite’s main navigation menu. Access to this section can be limited via permissions, allowing you to possess an outstanding level of control over which team members can access and/or edit high-level business information.

Initially, you will only have one accessible dashboard, named “Home”. By clicking the “+” button, next to this tab, you can add a range of pre-designed and pre-built digital dashboards designed to display business-critical information in a number of ways.

This quick and easy process can help you find, display and share key performance data in a format that is easy to understand and digest.

Learn More with Synergy Director Tony Poole

Tony Poole is a director at Synergy Technology and an expert in all things SuperOffice.

For one of our most recent #findoutmorefriday videos, Tony breaks down digital dashboards and shows you how to gain the most benefit from this powerful tool.

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