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Quote Management! From approved quote to finished order in one click.

Easier, faster & more accurate - SuperOffice Quotation Software

SuperOffice Quotation Software

SuperOffice quote management is a new and much easier, faster – and at the same time, more accurate way of generating and sending quotes. This quotation software has been developed with a focus on usability and simplicity, and in true SuperOffice style, you can easily get approved from quote to finished order in one click.

The module makes the quotation process an integral part of the sales process. Without having to leave SuperOffice CRM, sales reps can pick products and prices, add discounts and get automated updates of amounts.

The SuperOffice Quote module strengthens the sales management process within SuperOffice CRM and can instantly make you a company hero. By using tools such as the Sales Guide and Sales Secretary, you can increase the revenue potential and decrease the time it takes to move through the sales process. Automatic follow-ups can be set up at each stage of the sales process so that no quote is left forgotten.

Integrates with the sales process

Quote Management comes with powerful and easy-to-use features that allow you to update proposals throughout the entire sales process. The system automatically tracks all versions. Once you have established the details of the quote, you can pick from a library of default templates saved within the software and with just one click, the quotation will be automatically created as a PDF.

Fast and accurate quotes

SuperOffice Quote Management streamlines the whole quote process, saving you valuable time waiting for approvals for quotes. Quote Management enables you to pre-define discount and approval rules. It will instantly notify a sales rep when a suggested discount is bigger than what is allowed. Set up workflows so that the sales rep knows who to seek approvals from before sending the quote to the customer.

Place your orders with a single click

SuperOffice Quote significantly improves the quote to order process. When the quote is accepted from the customer, place the order with one click from the CRM system and the customer will automatically receive an order confirmation in the desired template. If the module is connected to your ERP solution, it will also automatically send the order confirmation to your finance department. Quotes are automatically a part of sales forecasting and analysis.

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    "Synergy Technology has been instrumental in implementing our IT systems and ensuring that we maximise the effectiveness of SuperOffice within our business. The Synergy Technology team really has made this a success for us and also SuperOffice as a product."

    Alastair Shires, Contender UK

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