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SuperOffice Quoting Options

Synergy Technology is one of the UK’s premier providers of SuperOffice systems and ongoing technical support. To help your business get back on track, we wanted to highlight some of the options available to boost your quoting abilities via SuperOffice.

Below, you’ll find an overview of SuperOffice’s powerful Quotes application. For more details, don’t hesitate to contact Synergy Technology today.

Quotes for SuperOffice Sales & Marketing

Quotes has been purpose built to help you produce highly professional quotations, quickly and accurately. Every quotation you issue is kept on file where you would expect to find it, in the company archive within SuperOffice Sales, and because the program features the ability to carry out targeted searches, you can call up old quotes instantly to deal with any queries with maximum efficiency. Quotes is designed to work seamlessly within the SuperOffice environment and utilises SuperOffice companies, contacts, documents, activities and sales forecasts.

Store, Edit & Use Prices Quickly & Effectively

PriceBook, is used in conjunction with Quotes. All of your standard pricelist items, complete with descriptive text, standard ‘sell at’ prices plus the option to add multiple additional price lists, cost of goods, supplier detail, stock levels, stock replenishment and more, are stored in the CRM database. The price book import routine will populate or update the price lists from a variety of sources including Excel spreadsheets and popular ERP systems. You can be confident that quotations created from PriceBook have up to date prices from the price list appropriate to the customer.

Produce Consistent, High-Quality Quotations

Having issued a quotation to a customer, if a modification is required, it is a simple process to revise the quotation to adjust the content, structure or any other detail of the quotation. The quotation is automatically up-issued with a new quotation revision number and you have the opportunity to record the revision history for future reference. An advanced search facility lets you carry out filtered searches, for example by quote number or company name, giving you almost instant access to the information you need to have at your fingertips.

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