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An easy to use, highly innovative survey and analysis platform

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Survey Mechanics - The key to gaining a perfect customer insight

Survey Mechanics is an easy to use, highly innovative survey and analysis platform created by researchers to save you time and money and help you understand the opinions of your customers, ex-customers, prospects, suppliers, your team or consumers in general. Surveys can be quickly and easily set up and managed through your Synergy CRM package, plus, no special skills or training are required to use it and we’ll help you all the way.

Key Features

  • Easy and intuitive, Survey Mechanics includes sophisticated features and functions not available on other online survey platforms;
  • Our innovative Automatic Analysis Engine finds the most important statistical relationships in your survey data automatically, with no work from you. No other survey platform has this.
  • Survey Mechanics includes filters and comparison tools so you can compare different groups of customers and includes our time-based cross tabbing and filtering so you can even compare by multiple periods;
  • Surveys can be prepopulated with your own customer data – invisibly - keeping surveys short and simple;
  • Survey results can be downloaded with your analysis in the form of a ready-made, editable report;
  • Our servers are based in the UK and we are GDPR compliant. We have also taken steps to help our users be compliant by providing appropriate functionality in our software;
  • Having UK based servers negates any possibility of data transfers being blocked or legal issues post Brexit

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Technical support

Our platform is full of help menus, hint icons and FAQs - and we are always available on the phone or via email during extended office hours.


If you need some expert advice on aspects of questionnaire design, ideas or good research practice our team are always happy to do this at no extra cost.


If you need us to be more involved with questionnaire design, survey set up, deployment, finding the right people to survey (globally), translation, complex analysis or workshops we have a team with years of end to end project experience.

Survey Mechanics

Quickly and easily, Survey Mechanics can integrate with SuperOffice CRM, SuperOffice Customer Service, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft NAV.

Our Integration with Synergy CRM platforms means you can:

  • Create bespoke surveys and invitations;
  • Trigger a survey from any of Synergy Technology's platforms above
  • Check each survey has been sent and see when it has been completed
  • Define an auto reminder frequency to ensure a survey is completed
  • Trigger surveys from anywhere – particularly useful for mobile workers
  • Access results dashboards and sophisticated analytics

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