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The idea of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

The idea of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 may have been floating around in your head since its launch late last year, but time has passed and you are still using your current version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Why change what still works right? Yes your system works, yes you manage day-by-day, but what could you do with an upgraded system, how will it make your company better?

Not only does Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 have improved core functionality, but Microsoft has also added many features designed to help you work smarter and faster including notifications that provide advice and recommendations based on the user’s activity.

These non-intrusive notifications are sent to the user interface (UI) in the Web client and inform the user with relevant information in a given situation, but they do not require immediate action by the user nor block the user from continuing with the current job.

So…now you really can work more effectively with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


The majority of improvements in NAV 2017 revolve primarily around finance, jobs and items. In addition Microsoft has also improved the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionalities introduced in NAV 2016. The software has improved accuracy in interpreting and importing lines from scanned invoices and documents as well as improved item attribute functionality and upgraded product categories. This reduces the chance of errors considerably and thus increase productivity.

Enhanced Core Functionality

With Microsoft’s ongoing dedication to assisting customers, the core ERP functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV just keeps getting better. No longer requiring customisation, the New Item Attributes feature provides more flexibility to define your products and items. There is an improved Chart of Accounts that now also includes Account Categories and Sub-Categories. You will be able to standardise reports and have more insight into spending. Also, an improved setup wizard will simplify integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, replacing the old CRM Connector and further reducing the need for custom coding.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV core functionality keeps getting better. With improved Power Bi integration, Outlook Integration and features such as Item Attributes. Microsoft is not only improving the system as a whole, they are improving it in ways that will directly help your business.
Adam Collins, Account Manager, Synergy Technology.

Integrated Functionality

Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 now even SMEs can take advantage of technologies such as cloud analytics and other advanced features. Dynamics NAV 2017 fully integrates with Office 365.

You can also create and send invoices from Outlook, as well as save email attachments as incoming documents or archive scanned documents directly into NAV 2017. You can sync contacts between NAV 2017 and Office 365.

Embedded Power Business Intelligence (BI)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has embedded Power Business Intelligence (BI). You can now embed reports and dashboards as well as create custom reports using the self-service tools. These reports are visible in the NAV 2017 Role Centres enabling users the data and insight they need within Dynamics NAV. Cortana Intelligence allows the sharing of data and provides more powerful BI capabilities, including predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. Users can get exactly the information they need to perform tasks directly from their Role Centre. The ability to share data and intelligence increases efficiency and accuracy and assures that everyone is working with the most up-to-date and real time information. This is really powerful for developing accurate business analytics.

Industry specific solutions now possible

With enhanced functionality it’s now even easier for system developers to tailor the system for vertical and micro-vertical solutions making it extremely specific to industries in each vertical/sector.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 allows for unlimited extensibility with the use of third party apps or extensions. Third party add-ons that can easily be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV including functionality for e-commerce, credit control management, extensive reporting, mobile warehouse management, ensures that Microsoft Dynamics NAV operates effectively and specifically to your business needs.

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Improvements in sales orders processes with enhanced CRM integration

The improved integration in NAV 2017 is therefore using Dynamics CRM for customer engagement and Dynamics NAV for order processing and financial account which means you get the most out of the two solutions.

So work smarter and faster today!

Start working smarter and faster today. To discuss your upgrade options, Dynamics NAV bespoke development and how we can support your Dynamics NAV system, contact Synergy Technology. We are an accredited Microsoft partner with a very talented team of Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialists and developers to ensure you are always working smarter and faster. See also our web page on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.

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