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Work on your business and your suntan with pocket CRM!

As summer warms up and everyone wants to be outdoors, why not consider the benefits of working on the move and not having to rely on updating your contact data and business reports from the confines of your office?

Mobile CRM or mobile customer relationship management is a CRM tool designed for mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.
By connecting through mobile CRM, you, your sales team and employees on the move, have access to customer data through the CRM mobile app or through a web-based browser with cloud CRM.

Why mobile CRM really matters

Traffic from mobile devices continues to grow and in fact, mobile traffic is growing so fast that in some places, it has already surpassed desktop traffic. More than a quarter of all internet traffic is now from mobile devices.

As mobile adoption continues to grow and organisations become more flexible about working arrangements for their employees, traditional desktop applications such as CRM are moving into the mobile space.

Users and customers both expect information to be updated in real-time, not “when you get back to the office.” And, on average, sales teams spend more than 50% of their work day selling remotely. This means that your sales force needs access to real-time information.

Synergy Technology offers mobile CRM solutions

With over 12 years’ history in the CRM market, Synergy Technology are now one of the largest SuperOffice partners in the UK. Driven by a passion for customer relationship management, Synergy Technology is dedicated to providing software that supports the individual user to achieve stronger sales, marketing and customer service productivity. We can help you set up a mobile CRM system that fits the needs of your business and workforce on the go.

Here are Five reasons why mobile CRM system is good for business

If you’re looking to address sales productivity, sales effectiveness and to gain a competitive edge then mobile CRM is something for you to consider.

1. Access to up-to-date contact information

By having this information available, it will help your sales teams for call planning and preparation and is one of the key use cases for having a mobile CRM app.
Sales teams have access to any information about a client or potential client before they meet in person. This data could include recent email conversations, products recently purchased and current sales status.
Your sales teams get to become more personal than ever before.

2. Direct information update

A mobile CRM is a great tool for adding new leads directly into your CRM from anywhere. The sooner you get a potential lead logged, the better the chance you have of following it up and taking action. Mobile CRM makes all this possible, by allowing employees to instantly add new information and update client profiles.

3. Always updated

If your Account Manager visits a prospect and the visit subsequently requires changes regarding an in-progress deal or quote,  this can be updated on the mobile CRM without the need to wait until the Account Manager arrives back at the office, keeping your entire CRM always up to date – for everyone.

Sales teams often uncover key information about a client during or after a meeting. In order to provide the best service possible, this information needs to be spread quickly throughout the organisation, just in case the client decides to contact you or a member of your customer service team. Things change quickly in today’s world and you never know when something critical may happen to one of your accounts.

4. Real time reporting and faster decision making

Management teams can access real time sales reports to track business results while on the move and set alerts to be informed instantly for quicker and better decision making when a new deal is closed or sales decline. Instead of quarterly reports, management now has access to up to the minute data that can result in strategies being implemented sooner, rather than later.

5. Increased sales productivity

Another benefit of implementing a mobile CRM is providing sales teams with access to real time customer information while out in the field improves productivity.  A recent study by Nucleus Research* found that mobile access to a CRM increases sales force productivity by an average of 14.6% with a further 3 in 10 mobile CRM users reporting productivity improvement by more than 20%.

Information source and *statistics from: SuperOffice CRM