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Business Central for Supply Chain

Business Central for Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a great complete business solution to maximise efficiency and productivity for purchasing, sales, manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing including financial management.  Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) maps the full supply chain process and creates efficiencies.


Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed with Supply Chain Management (SCM) in mind which makes it a great fit, offering a single complete solution to drive customer satisfaction.


Business Central functions for Supply Chain Management includes:

  • Scheduling and purchasing
  • Stock and warehouse location management
  • Picking, packing, and despatch
  • Warehouse control
  • Item tracking with mobile data capture
  • Mapping different organisations and warehouse structures


What we love about Business Central for Supply Chain Management

Business Central provides a view of items that are waiting to be processed and those that are in the queue to start to be processed once they are administered.  There is an easy to use colour coding that highlights the items that need priority attention and those items that are delayed or need further action.


Despatching Orders

You can set the priority of orders using Business Central’s built-in recommendations or you can set your own business priorities.  On each order there is a clear list displaying the units that need to be fulfilled and visual prompts will alert users if the items are in stock or not.  There is a built-in stock card that is created for each physical product which also includes an image of the item for ease of use for those processing the orders.


Stock Levels

Business Central offers the ability to plan preventing delays of out-of-stock items.  Business Central supports supply planning for wholesale businesses where supply orders can be ‘transfer and purchase orders’ and it also provides planning for companies involved in assembly or manufacturing, where supply orders can be either ‘production assembly, transfer or purchase orders.’


For supply planning where supply orders can be transfer and purchase orders, the requisition worksheet is used.  The requisition worksheet provides excellent efficiency as you can input the items you are looking for and all worksheets, reports, and journals relating to an item will be available.


You can edit and delete lines as required then Business Central provides a number of guided prompts using a “Carry Out Action Message” to create a purchase order easily.


Receiving items for Supply Chain Management with Business Central

When items arrive in stock it’s easy to input the new items into Business Central which generates a warehouse receipt and knows where the items are using physical locations.


Easy for your users

Using Tell me your despatchers, pick and pack users will be up and running with Business Central in no time ensuring that your supply chain is operating efficiently. Tell me is intuitive using simple words to provide a guided experience.


The process of fulfilling orders, reordering, and receiving in Business Central creates a competitive advantage ensuring your business can pivot easily and react to the fluctuations of stock requirements.


If you are looking to improve your supply chain resilience we can help.  As Business Central consultants we will work with you to:

  • Identify manual processes that can be automated or the data can provide crucial insights to drive your supply chain optimisation.
  • Optimise a centralised data platform to provide advanced analytics and insights for supply chain.
  • Help drive collaboration of tasks and processes using Business Central to drive competitive advantage not only for supply chain but your entire business.


Want to find out more?

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Business Central for Supply Chain