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Can you get more from your CRM?

CRM is a solution that should continuously evolve as your business does, so keeping it in alignment with your processes and your needs is critical.


You started off on your CRM journey maybe months or years ago.  Using great implementation techniques from experts at Synergy Technology certainly puts you on the right track to get ahead of your competitors and meet the objectives you set out to achieve.


When CRM is optimised it allows you to gather customer data with ease and efficiency, offering the ability to identify your most valuable clients whilst making it easier to acquire similar clients.


For many people, CRM is the solution to find company or client details and unless it is used properly and maintained inline with your business it can end up becoming little more than a rolodex.


That’s why CRM must be a business solution that has a focus to continuously be improved.


Is your CRM still giving you a return on investment and delivering the following items?


  • Targeted marketing data lists that are correct?
  • Enabling better management reporting and business information?
  • the ability to spot opportunities.
  • to support you to increase your customers’ satisfaction levels.


Check out our blog from our sister company Caltech CRM setting out how good CRM practices can benefit:


  • CRM for marketers
  • CRM benefits for customer service teams
  • CRM for sales
  • CRM to help your clients and their loyalty to your business


Over the last 12 months, your business will have had to change quickly responding to the Covid 19 pandemic.  Not only will it need to continue to offer the benefits it was implemented for, but it needs to support your business to be able to optimise new processes, new people working in new locations, and better management information.


According to McKinsey, “To thrive in the next new normal B2B companies will need to continue adapting to the new economic reality.”  And let’s face it the economic changes are fast and frequent right now!  Additionally, McKinsey state that there is a 2 times increased likelihood of companies that provide outstanding digital experience being chose as the primary supplier.”  With this in mind, there is no better time to review your processes, strategy and in turn to ensure that your CRM solution is supporting your business to be stronger going forward and exciting your clients.



Where to start to get more from your CRM?


Ask your users


Your users will tell you how CRM is helping them with their daily roles and where CRM could do more for them.  It may be working perfectly or there may be nuances.  Do the users feel they have the training to do their job well using CRM?  Are they able to log on from wherever they are and use the system?  Do they feel they are able to delight clients and does CRM support them to do that?


Continuous improvement mindset


If you have CRM team leaders get them together.  Businesses must be agile to react to process changes so understanding your objectives can be a good starting point to check where your CRM could be optimised to meet them, remove any barriers and drive success.  For example, you could add automation to remove repetitive tasks or use customisation to save administration time.


Data Review


A CRM solution is only as good as the data in it.  There are several ways to improve the accuracy or completeness of your CRM data.   We can provide e-postcode solutions or help to use selections or advanced finds to amend or check data and bulk edit that data.


Invest in best in class solutions


We recognise that the CRM solutions we work with have great functionality, but we also know that using best of breed solutions provides our clients with positive success factors.  Check out our partner pages, our solutions or ask your account manager about how we can integrate solutions to expand your reach or remove administration pains.


We can help power up your CRM and digitise your processing using integrations.  The possibilities are endless…


Leverage Business Information (BI)


The value of data is often overlooked but by analysing it you could tap into potential advantages to meet your key objectives and give you valuable insights about your business.


Using dashboards, views or reporting solutions could be exploited to get you ahead.


Ask your account manager, we have reporting solutions to help across our entire solution stack.


Integrate your ERP solution


Integrating your finance and accounting software with CRM can save you time, remove the need for double keying and help to reduce errors.  We work with Pegasus Opera and Business Central (Microsoft Nav), but we also provide an integration to many other finance and accounting packages.


New Features and Existing Features


To get more from your CRM software check out any new features you may not be aware of that are available to use or that may be coming soon.  If you are Online (software as a service) your new releases will be 6-monthly.  For hosted or on-premise solutions, you could benefit from upgrading.


Also check out existing features sitting in your CRM solution that you may not be aware of.


If something is no longer working or if you are not sure if something can be done using your CRM technology, or using data in your CRM, we may have the solution.


Expand its use


CRM solutions can be used for sales, customer service, project management or asset management to name a few areas where you can benefit your business.


Key Takeaways


Your customers’ experience and supporting your teams using CRM to gain competitive advantage has never been more pertinent.  Start by focusing on your customers’ and users’ needs as this will offer you insights to improve processes and your business, but make sure your CRM solution isn’t left behind.



Want to find out more?


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