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Dynamics 365 Wave 2 plan October 2021 – Functional Overview

I am pleased to announce that Microsoft has now released the Dynamics 365 Wave Release Plan 2, for October 2021.   Together with the consultants here at Synergy Technology, we have summarised what we feel are the salient points and we can’t wait to get hold of the release previews as they are developed. 


Our last blog Microsoft Dynamics 365 2021 Release Wave 1 Planned Update is available on our website.  These updates are now completed. 


SMB Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central what’s new in Wave 2 plan 2021 


In the Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave Release 2 Plan there are some great enhancements I can share with you today:  


Improved user-ability 

There will be improved user-ability, for example more control over address information data entry and Business Central web client enhancements.  

More columns will be available to add personalisation insights by dragging fields or columns.  

Enhancements to Microsoft Teams integration to share records from the browser client in Microsoft Teams.  There will also be enhancements to working with Excel driving mature Excel-related export features.   

Enhancements to working with Microsoft Excel


Business Central for Developers

For developers, there are increased capabilities including making the AL language stronger.  Enhancements include AL computer diagnostic messages with URL’s and forced synchronisation of customer-specific extensions in online environments.

Enhancements for Developers Business Central


Bank and Payment Reconciliations

The new bank and payment reconciliations in Wave 2 2021 for Business Central will offer better explanations and guidance on errors.


Non-Inventory Items with Locations

The ability to track statistics for non-inventory items by location in a similar way to resources will be available.



There are planned integration improvements to the Microsoft DataVerse and Power Platform.  This means that the data exchanged in the Microsoft DataVerse and Business Central is synched on a schedule, decreasing the number of synchs required where necessary.


For more information from Microsoft about Business Central release Wave 2 specifically please explore more here.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales what’s new in Wave 2 plan 2021


In the Dynamics 365 Sales Wave Release 2 Plan I have summarised 6 key points:



With embedded Microsoft Teams collaboration, we will see automated notifications from Dynamics 365 to Teams and the ability to review sales records from Teams meetings.  Microsoft Teams users will have access to Dynamics 365 data via a collaborative app.  Find out more here.


Deal Manager

The Deal Manager in Dynamics 365 for Sales will become available in January 2022 which includes manager workspace for accounts, contacts, and leads with updates from Kanban control.

Deal Manager


LinkedIn Experience

The LinkedIn integration with the sales accelerator will allow InMail, Connect request, and Introduction actions.


Productivity and Forecasting

Microsoft has confirmed account-based “who knows whom” release with a predictive scoring model for improved productivity.


Mobile Experience

There are enhancements for general availability for the mobile experience due in March 2022 including find, interact and create, as well as logging and sharing information easily.


Sales Accelerator

This will offer lead generation and nurture guided user experiences and is powered by AI with new features being released between October 2021 and January 2022.

Dynamics Accelerator workspace


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service what’s new in Wave 2 plan 2021


In the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Wave Release 2 Plan Microsoft has focused on enabling customers to be up and running quickly, improving knowledge management, and an all-in-one contact centre with improved routing.



New features will be released to Power Apps.  There will be an improved site map in model-driven applications using commands Home, Recent, and Pinned items.


With the Microsoft DataVerse, the updates to model-driven apps will open the global search experience by configuring the application on build.  Additionally, search is now called DataVerse Search which will enable users to start new searches quickly and see suggested results as you type.


Microsoft has issued a separate release Wave 2 for Power Platform 2021 which can be found here.


We look forward to sharing more with our clients over the coming months as these new features are rolled out.



Michael Gibbs and Catherine Carlyle


Synergy Technology is a Gold Microsoft partner and are specialists in Microsoft Business Central, Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service and integrating solutions.


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All references and images in this document can be found by clicking here to the Microsoft update.

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