Application Support

Get more from your Pegasus Opera 3

Synergy Technology is an authorised Pegasus Strategic Partner we offer bespoke development for Pegasus Opera 3.


Bespoke Enhancements to Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 3 is a modular complete business solution that can be used to run finance, payroll, CRM or service systems and the opportunity to add bespoke development means we can meet your business needs.

Here at Synergy Technology, we recognise that every business is unique, and we tailor Opera 3 to ensure that the software is optimised for your processes and your users.

The bespoke elements can range anything from changing the screen layout, adding fields, designing authorisation processing, changing forms, or adding bespoke reports to your specific business requirements.


Integrations to Opera 3

As well as modifications to Opera 3 we also specialise in integrating solutions such as

We will work with you to design and develop integrations to connect disparate solutions to Opera 3 to save your users time, improve accuracy of data and provide a better flow of information across your business.   We can integrate to almost any web shop, webpage, or business solution to expand your data flow in the business.

Get more from your Pegasus Opera 3