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I have a CRM solution I want to replace

Most small businesses are seeing change.  Whether it be from growth or impacts of the digital world in which we live, change is inevitable.  Having a CRM system that can pivot, grow and align quickly to your needs is key.  If you have a CRM already in place you may be able to make some changes so that it works for you but it is the right CRM and when do you know if it’s time to replace your CRM software?


Replacing your CRM doesn’t have to be painful, but it needs to be right and for the right reasons.  One of the considerations is people.  Bringing together people, processes and systems is where the solutions can start to make that difference and provide the change that you are looking for.  But only when they are aligned can this happen.


Start with the pains.

In the words of Steven Covey, start with the WHY.  What are you trying to do and what is the vision outcome?   This is something we focus on when scoping a CRM solution.  This is a key step as after implementation without these goals then how do you know if your CRM implementation has been a success?

Your business pains are what has led you to review your CRM system.  What are these pains?  What is causing the business pains across the entire organisation?

Suggested Action


  • Carry out a survey or a deep dive to see what the users think of CRM. Consider the outcomes what do you want to know? Seek to find out where your incumbent CRM is doing well and where it is lacking and why.  Ask questions about how many solutions they use not just CRM.  What do the other solutions do?  Are the solutions integrated or disparate?  Can the users work easily and get the information they need when they need it?  What processes are not working and why?  Where is the data in the business and who has access to what data?  Does the flow and processes work in the systems?
  • Put a CRM champion in place. This should be a heavy user not necessarily a manager.  Get them to review the solution pros and cons.
  • Document the business pains, what isn’t working across the different business functions. Are the problems due to user error or a limitation of the system?  Does it need to be reviewed and reworked or is it time to move on? Does the solution have the capability to scale with your business?
  • Once the pains are set out, don’t lose sight of them. Write them down, for example, if I had a new CRM it would be successful if we achieve XYZ after 6 months…
  • Look at the system from a modern workplace point of view. Can you log in remotely?  Does the system work with several other solutions seamlessly to provide a point of access for your users or do your users have too many solutions unnecessarily? Do you need to spend a great deal on bespoke development or can the administrators in house make considered changes?  Will the solution scale?


What’s the solution?


Research the CRM solutions with a view of how much R&D is being spent every year.  Is the solution talking about modern workplace?  Can you log in anywhere and does the CRM bring solutions together ensuring that disparate solutions are a thing of the past?  Does the solution provide a single point of entry and open up to a mass of data that may not be in the CRM solution itself?


If you have a solid solution but the implementation needs to be adjusted, then still seek to find the pains and look at the problems in the same way.


The value of any CRM solution can only be realised when people, processes and technology align, and you have the necessary expertise to deliver to your precise needs.  Synergy Technology has a dedicated team to cater to all your sales needs with bespoke services, true consultancy and a focus on systems that work.


Never start any implementation without a diagnostic scoping document.  Not only will this protect your business and ensure that you are meeting your goals, but it will also ensure that the CRM consultancy provides an agreed service to an agreed scope.  Without this I guarantee you will be forever trying to finish an implementation with no control over changes and with a risk that you will never get to the end of implementing.  Seriously we have seen it!


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Blog written by Catherine Carlyle who has been working implementing CRM solutions since 2009.