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Pegasus Opera 3 for Supply Chain

Is your supply chain function able to meet the growing needs of your business?


Take the steps to take towards optimising supply chain resilience by investing in a solution that is robust enough for unexpected challenges, whatever they may be.


Opera 3 Supply Chain Management software provides the ability to grow with your business, integrating sales, stock, and purchasing functions with financial management.


Pegasus Opera 3 for Supply Chain Management provides:

  • Stock Control
  • Stocktaking
  • Purchase Order Processing (POP)
  • Sales Order Processing (SOP)
  • Landed Costs


Below is a synopsis of each element of how Opera 3 can enable your supply chain to meet the inevitable demands as your business grows and reacts to political, economic, social or technological challenges.


Stock Control

Opera 3 provides the functionality to track stock movements across several warehouses and if required there is an optional feature to provide traceability.  It provides the opportunity to manage quarantine warehouses to inspect goods before they are moved into stock and it supports different costs and selling prices for each warehouse should your business process require that flexibility.


Stock Take

Opera 3 provides a detailed stock view visually to help maintain stock accuracy.  The importance of accurate stock levels is crucial to ensure that orders can be fulfilled and provide confidence that delivery timescales can be met.


Purchase Order Processing (POP)

Opera 3 generates purchase documents to supplier invoices and also offers re-order functionality to aid maintenance and control of stock at optimum levels.  The ability to match receipts and supplier invoices back to the purchase orders means there is tighter control overstock.


Sales Order Processing (SOP)

The sales order processing in Opera 3 generates sales documents and applies the correct customer “special” price list, discount, and credit limits seamlessly as required.  There is the ability to raise purchase orders against sales orders as well as the provision to part-progress sales documents.


Bill of Materials (BoM)

The Opera 3 solution provides works order generation from sales orders, as well as batch, works order continuance.  There is a kitting function in Opera 3 that enables works orders to be raised and the ability to confirm receipt of the build quantity of the finished assembly into stock in one activity.


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Pegasus Opera 3 for Supply Chain