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Pegasus Document Management Facility

Find your documents quickly and easily with the document management facility in Pegasus Opera 3!


There is no need to go looking through filing cabinets to find one document.


Capture, store and find important files with ease no matter the type. Orders, invoices, identification, and timesheets are a few examples of what documents can be stored. The document management facility has:

  • A user-friendly interface – your employees can be up and running straight away with the easy-to-use system.
  • Multiple functions – Pegasus’ document facility has five primary functions which are capture, index, retrieval, archive, and reporting.
  • Content indexing – words from machine typed text, scanned images, .txt and .doc files are captured and used to index the documents. This method is additional to the manual and bar-coding indexing processes, thus making it easier to find specific files.

The use of captured data can be enhanced with the use of content indexing by:

– Managing which words that are used to index a document through the inclusion and exclusion dictionaries.

– Cross referencing documents to improve retrieval and analysis of data.

  • Deferred indexing – flexibility is given to users. You can capture documents in a batch without having to index them straight away.
  • A desktop version – this offers employees without access to Opera 3 the capture and retrieval functionality from the document management facility. The facility can become a company-wide system to protect and find important assets.
  • High levels of security – To access the document management facility, you need to have a user ID created in Opera 3. The ID establishes a security profile that determines what files users have access to. These are the only files they can capture and see.
  • Easy capture – in the Windows desktop an icon can be displayed which provides a quick and easy method of capturing Word and Excel files. Users can choose the company to align the document to and add other information to index the document into the relevant areas. Once the file has been captured the original file can be deleted to avoid confusion about which copy is the most up to date.


To summarise the document management facility has:


  • Full integration with Opera 3
  • The ability to capture any file type
  • Instant Retrieval
  • Manual or Barcode Indexing
  • Content Indexing and Deferred Indexing
  • The means to reduce paper waste and helps your business become more environmentally friendly
  • High level of security down to individual data level
  • The ability to set up user roles with access rights
  • Tools to track transactions, with full auditability from individual files to system level
  • Reporting by date or user range
  • A desktop version for other employees not using Opera 3



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