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Pegasus Opera 3 Cashbook

The Pegasus Opera 3 Cashbook is an application that is totally amalgamated within the Opera 3 system. Accurate and recent information on any bank and petty cash accounts is constantly being given by the Cashbook. This includes bank details, contact information, and account balances.

Unexpected payment routines can also be made through the Pegasus Opera 3 Cashbook e.g. refunds. Payments, receipts, refunds, and transfers can be reconciled against bank statements through the Cashbook. Hence, cash can be continuously monitored to ensure that the company’s bank balances are accurate. If any reconciliations are incomplete these can be saved to finish at a later date.

The following sections structure the Pegasus Opera 3 Cashbook:

  • Processing – Bank account information is maintained within this section. It supports multi-currency bank accounts therefore multi-currency transactions can be made.
  • Batch Processing – Receipts and payments can be posted to bank accounts in a batch in this section. Therefore, saving you time in comparison to manually adding each one into the Sales Nominal and/or Purchase Ledger. When a batch is finished it can be marked complete so a new one can be established. Completed batches can be reopened and edited.

Pegasus Opera 3 Cashbook

  • Reports – Records maintained within the Cashbook are stored here. The majority of reports allow you to set the criteria, sequence, and range of records reported on.
  • Utilities – The Cashbook settings are chosen and configured here. Transactions can also be removed from the database, previously set up recurring entries can be posted and opening balances can be posted to the bank accounts here too.
  • Maintenance – Cashbook type codes for receipts, payments, and payee names are defined here. This enables the recording of payee details for cheque, BACs, and Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) payments.


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Pegasus Opera 3 Cashbook