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Pegasus Personal Data Search Utility

Launched in 2018 for GDPR compliance the Personal Data Search Utility is a must-have component for your Opera 3 solution.  GDPR affects every business holding personal data and all businesses should be able to demonstrate they are holding personal data securely and that they are able to provide personal data to a contact should they request it.


Using the Pegasus Opera 3 Personal Data Search Utility enables your business to search the Opera 3 database for any personal information you may hold about them with the ability to easily export that to Excel.


Across your Opera 3 solution, there are many entities where personal data is stored: from Payroll to Cashbook.  If a person requests their personal data you hold on them using a Subject Access Request (SAR), then by law your business must provide that person with a view of the personal data you hold about them. You must respond to the SAR in the same way a request was made, for example, if a request is received by email you must respond by email.


The Opera 3 Personal Data Search will help you to ensure that you are compliant if ever your business is called upon with a SAR.


Using the Personal Data Search Utility from Pegasus Opera means you can easily locate the personal data within your solution.  As an example, it includes a wide-ranging search from surname, postcode, email address as well as National Insurance numbers or phone numbers.  The Personal Data Search Utility will check several areas in the solution including sales ledger, purchase ledger, payroll, fixed assets, cashbook, CRM, and nominal ledger.


Contact us to find out more about the Personal Data Search Utility and how it can help your business with GDPR.

Pegasus Personal Data Search