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Top 2021 Dynamics 365 Trends

Exciting new developments are coming to Microsoft Dynamics 365 this year.   Check out our top 2021 Dynamics 365 Trends blog which will help you to focus your efforts to gain the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 software this year. 



Further Integration with Microsoft Teams 


Unsurprisingly, Microsoft Teams has grown substantially within the past year due to the current situation. People have adopted it as a way to effectively communicate with others during remote working. 


Some aspects of Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be integrated with one another, however not to the extent SharePoint and Microsoft 365, Office can be. Available today, there is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 app available for Teams. Users can collaborate with others and access customer engagement records by adding a Dynamics 365 tab into a Teams channelIt is likely that Dynamics 365 will become more integrated within the near future – especially with its rise in popularitybettering user adoption.  Here at Synergy Technology, we particularly love this feature and with the adoption of Teams in 2020 growing at such a rate, we feel this will be something that most Microsoft Dynamics 365 clients will enjoy using.  


AI developing into More Areas of Dynamics 365 


Instead of being a “burst” trend, Artificial Intelligence is a trend that is ever-growing.  


Machine vision, automated speech recognition, and natural language processing are areas that have seen significant improvements in recent years relating to AI. In the future of Microsoft Dynamics 365, AI will be giving more value and insightful information from virtual customer service to fraud protection. Our tip to look out for is customer insights, where the AI will be able to help you to split customers into segments and forecast outcomes through predictive models.  Sounds good?  Continue reading…  



Even More Secure Storage Options 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 users have always enjoyed options around integrated data storage systems with the main reason for this being costs and performance.  With new storage providers emerging onto the once consolidated market, the top priority being security.  Talk to us we can help with storage in Dynamics 365.   



Improving and Guaranteeing Security When Integrating 


In the face of it, software integration is a great concept Many assume that there is no danger in putting two pieces of separately used pieces of software together. However, this is not always the case.  


A prime example is if a business uses both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint to store and share documents. They decide to integrate the two, so the documents can be easily accessible from either application. Yet, not all aspects of the document setup can be transferred from one piece of software to the other e.g. the pre-set security and privilege roles from Dynamics 365. As a result, everyone will be able to access the document contents. Luckily, there are a vast array of solutions to provide more options and these are likely to be strengthened in 2021. 



When investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 this year keep these trends in mind. Therefore, you can give your business the best chance of performing highly and growing further during the fluctuating environment surrounding software 


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Top 2021 Dynamics 365 Trends