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Jet Reports & Jet Analytics

Financial reporting for Microsoft Dynamics, directly inside Excel

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Jet Reports and Jet Analytics

Jet Reports and Jet Analytics. All Your Financials – Directly Inside Excel

Reduce Reporting Time & Costs with Jet Reports and Jet Analytics for Business Central

Jet Reports for Business Central

You need reports in the format you want, in an environment that you’re familiar with, without having to rely on technical resources.

Without the correct knowledge we end up creating more manual and time-consuming work for ourselves than we should, just by copying, pasting, and exporting data into excel to get reports as and when we need them.

Self-Service Reporting for Every User

Jet Reports allows for operationally critical financial reporting capability that is not included within Dynamics 365 Business Central out-of-the-box, such as:

  • Reporting from any number of dimensions and companies for departmental and entity consolidation
  • Complete Excel integration, formatting, calculations (external input), and graphing that refresh dynamically with the reports
  • Drill back/drilldown to the transactional details in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 client from the report in Excel
  • Customisable templates in areas such as Executive Overview, Income Statement – Account Balance Comparisons, Expenses by Dimensions, and more

Cut Reporting Time & Costs in Half with Microsoft Dynamics & Jet Reports

Here at Synergy Technology, we know a primary purpose of your business reporting solution directly inside excel and on the web.

It is designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics ERP straight out-of-the-box, Jet Reports is a user-friendly reporting platform that enables everyone to build reports and access business data instantly.

Quickly Build and Run Custom Financial Reports Directly in Excel

Leveraging excel to simplify report creation, Jet Reports will streamline processes and increase operational visibility directly within Microsoft Dynamics.
Built to maximise productivity, you can get up and running with Jet Reports in less than a day because of the following:

Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics report templates

  • Free-form report formatting and drag-and-drop design directly within excel
  • Automated reporting and schedule
  • Multi-company consolidation and multi-database reporting

Jet BI Analytics

Turn Data into Profitable Insight – With Custom Analytics
Get Complete Access to Accurate Data, Anywhere

Start Spending More Time Analysing Data than Consolidating It

With limited real-time visibility into your operations, reliance on specialised internal resources for the customer or even ad-hoc reports and multiple sources of data to manually keep track of, here at synergy Technology, we understand your need to access up-to-date data.

When your data lives in multiple different places, it takes time and a lot of key resources to manually consolidate it and at times, before you know it, you’re making critical business decisions on an out of date report and you might never get the answers you were looking for. That’s where Jet BI Analytics can help.

Ready-to-Use Analytics

  • Jet BI Analytics helps to make you successful and productive with Microsoft Dynamics while delivering the best value.
  • Eliminate complexity, reduce cost, and significantly decrease the risk of data migration.
  • Customise data warehouse and cubes for complete control over your data.
  • No database or programming expertise needed.

Fuel Growth and Strategic Decision Making

With Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Analytics, Synergy Technology has the solution to help your non-technical users build and modify their own reports and to transform your data into actionable insight.

By bringing all of your data together into one place, Jet BI Analytics gives you accurate data that you can rely on with the ability to quickly perform business analysis with the user-friendly Excel interface, Power BI and also on the web, all for 50-70% faster report writing.

Jet Analytics is designed to improve efficiency, enhance staff productivity, optimise business performances and provide easy access to business intelligence at the touch of a button. Best of all, it’s quick to install meaning that you can start building reports and dashboards immediately.

Here at Synergy Technology, it’s our priority to make you as productive and successful as possible, all the while, delivering the best value. Here is a snapshot of some of the features:

  • Streamlined data migration from legacy systems
  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics dashboards
  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Data Warehouse
  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics report templates
  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics BI OLAP Cubes and Tabular Models

Want more information on Jet Reports and Jet Analytics for Business Central?

The Synergy Technology team is proud to be an official partner of Insight Software and to offer Jet Reports and Jet Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions throughout the United Kingdom.

If you would like more information on Jet Reports and Jet Analytics, or Synergy Technology’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, please call us today on 0345 456 0050 or visit our contact page to send us an email.

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