Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics
365 Business Central

Connect your Financials, Sales, Service and Operations

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“Synergy Technology has an expert understanding of NAV, and being able to relate it to our business has meant any development needs have been fluid and efficient.”

Financial Director, London Pharma

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“It was nice to be able to leave Synergy Technology to manage the project and deliver an end solution on time and within budget.”

Director, Whitehouse Leisure International

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Connect your Financials, Sales, Service and Operations

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Synergy Technology has an expert understanding of Business Central and being able to relate it to our business has meant any development needs have been fluid and efficient.

London Pharma & Chemicals Group Ltd.

Dynamics 365 to the Cloud

Discover the Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

You’re busy. You don’t need another costly investment or a complex system to worry about. But your basic accounting software and ERP systems are limiting your growth. You need a business management solution that grows with your organisation and doesn’t hold you back.

Dynamics 365 Business Central (an upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Navision) gives you a clear end-to-end view of your business. It empowers you to make smarter decisions and collaborate to create an even better experience for your customers.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Saves Time and Boosts Efficiency

Dynamics 365 Business Central makes managing your business processes simpler. We will also customise and expand them with add ons to meet your specific needs.

Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easy to:

  • Manage your financials
  • Automate and secure your supply chain
  • Sell smarter and improve customer service
  • Keep projects on time and under budget
  • Optimise your operations

That means you and your teams are freed up to focus on what really matters – delivering the ultimate service for your customers.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Features

Make informed decisions

Connect data across accounting, sales, purchasing, stock, and customer interactions to get an end-to-end view of your business. Chart financial performance in real time with built-in Power BI dashboards.

Accelerate financial close and reporting

Streamline accounts receivables and payables, and automatically reconcile accounts to close and report on financials quickly and accurately, while maintaining compliance.

Improve forecast accuracy

Refine financial forecasts by modelling and analysing data across multiple dimensions. Customise reports using seamless Microsoft Excel integration.

Optimise stock levels

Use built-in intelligence to predict when and what to replenish. Purchase only what you need with dynamically updated stock levels.

Avoid lost sales and reduce shortages

Maintain the right amount of stock by automatically calculating stock levels, lead times, and reorder points. Suggest substitutes when requested items are out of stock.

Maximise profitability

Get recommendations on when to pay suppliers to use supplier discounts or avoid overdue penalties. Prevent unnecessary or fraudulent purchases through approval workflows.

Microsoft Gold Partner Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
“We are proud to continue expanding and providing the same great service that our customers deserve, offering the best sales & after sales experience that we possibly can. Having a reliable scalable ERP system behind the scenes with the ongoing support from a dedicated Microsoft partner in Synergy Technology is critical to this expansion.
Whether it’s the development or dealing with support issues, Synergy Technology has always maintained the highest level of service and we look forward to continuing our business relationship with them long into the future.”
Marketing Director
Leisuretec Distribution
Leisuretec Case Study

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultancy

We’re an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner. But that doesn’t mean our thinking just starts with the software.

Instead, we listen to your needs, and only then try to find the software solution to meet them. That means understanding the pain points that your teams are experiencing. It means identifying your strategic aims. And then, keeping these at the forefront of our minds as we look at how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you to achieve those goals.

Since 1997, we have implemented hundreds of ERP and CRM solutions of differing complexity that have helped improve business performance by identifying opportunities for improvement and growth. Give us a call today, and we can discuss how we can collaborate and  share success together.

Why partner with Synergy Technology for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Our experience shows that with the right software and our ongoing support we help businesses to blossom. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with a wealth of experience to implement it and integrate it into business processes to provide solutions that create business growth.

We gain a deep understanding to your business;  your processes, challenges, growth plans and what you want to achieve, in order to tailor your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation to your team.

  • End-to-End Solution Design: We can design a comprehensive solution that addresses not only the software itself but also the hardware, network, security, and other components necessary for a complete and functional system.

  • Risk Mitigation: We can help identify and mitigate potential risks associated with software implementation, such as compatibility issues, data migration challenges, and security concerns.
  • Project Management Expertise: Synergy Technology have years of project management experience, and robust systems to help plan, execute & monitor the implementation process, ensuring the project stays on track and within budget.
  • Integration Testing and Validation: We perform rigorous testing to ensure that all components of the solution work together seamlessly and meet performance and reliability requirements.
  • Support and Maintenance: Our application support service, SynergyCare, is designed around the clients and their individual users. Our consultants deliver tailored support coupled with exceptional responsiveness and accountability.
  • Scalability and Future-Proofing: We can design solutions with scalability in mind, allowing for future growth and expansion without costly reconfigurations.

Had a bad experience elsewhere? We can help

Finding the right partner for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation is crucial. We know that many organisations who already have the software come to us frustrated by the poor service they’re getting from their existing service partner.

Whether you’re suffering from poor support, a lack of clear, consistent communication or mis-sold licenses, we live and breathe Dynamics 365 Business Central. Get in touch today to find out more.

We have the scalability, knowledge and experience to offer the most relevant software solutions for your business needs and our highly responsive technical helpdesk works pro-actively to ensure any queries you have are resolved efficiently and effectively.

How much does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cost?

You can find the basic pricing for licencing of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central licences by visiting the Microsoft website. However each Dynamics 365 Customer Service project is unique, and the overall cost of any project will depend on a large number of factors. Our consultants will optimise your solution to the needs of your business, teams and customers, ensuring you enjoy the greatest business benefits from your investment in ERP and CRM technologies from the outset.

Want to know more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Synergy Technology is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner and to offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions across the UK. We also offer support and integration with a number of other platforms.

Find out more by visiting our add-ons and integrations page, call us today on 0345 456 0050 or visit our contact page to send us an email.

“Business Central manages all our processes. for almost all our in-house functions, from stock control in our warehouse to processing, invoicing and product delivery.”
Managing Director
Leisuretec Distribution Ltd
“Synergy have used their expertise to fully integrate SuperOffice across all our office and warehouse systems. They have been instrumental in making sure that we are able to derive the…
Managing Director
Contender UK
“Microsoft Nav has so much scope within one enclosed system that it has helped us create excellent efficiency.”
Financial Director
London Pharma & Chemicals

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