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Create Quotes Directly from your Live Stock Data

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OfficeQuote is the missing link between SuperOffice CRM and your ERP system

OfficeQuote enables your sales team to create sales quotations using live stock and accounting data seamlessly within SuperOffice CRM. Product and pricing information is obtained directly from your accounts package and can be linked to elements within the CRM to provide a fully integrated solution.

Full Integration with your Accounts Software

OfficeQuote integrates with Access Dimensions, Exchequer, OrderWise, Pegasus Opera 2 & 3, Sage 50, and Xero. So, no matter what accounts package you use, OfficeQuote can help you create accurate quotes, allowing greater transparency whilst minimising human error.

OfficeQuote Integration with SuperOffice

Bi-directional Sync with SuperOffice and your ERP system

OfficeQuote is fully integrated into SuperOffice CRM, providing lookup facilities for customers, contacts and projects. You can create sale activities and follow-up appointments enabling your team to analyse and manage their sales pipeline. OfficeQuote provides a 2-way synchronisation between SuperOffice and your Accounting Software, meaning if you update a linked field in the CRM, it will update in your accounts software and vice-versa. This keeps your systems in sync and eliminates errors due to re-keying information.

Fully Customisable Quotation Layouts

Quote layouts in OfficeQuote are fully customisable, allowing you to maintain consistency with your standard company layouts and branding. Quotes are produced as PDFs and can be sent directly by email, using the data in SuperOffice, improving speed of delivery, and allowing you to get the required information in front of your customers as soon as possible.

OfficeQuote 3

Live Stock and Price Visibility

OfficeQuote allows a live view of available stock from your accounting software including what’s on the shelf, and what’s on order, so the sales team always have an accurate view of what’s available to sell. The stock search includes predictive product code searching, reducing the time needed to build a quote.

In addition to this, customer-specific pricing can be accessed automatically from the accounts system ensuring you’ll always have the right price for the right customer. Once the sale has been made, quotations can be progressed into live orders using the accounts system link, speeding up the quote-to-cash process.

Line, Group & Overall Discount Facilities

When preparing your quote within OfficeQuote, you can apply overall discounts, individual discounts by line, or obtain totals for specific sets of quote lines by organising them into groups. This gives you full flexibility to organise your quotes the way you want them and customise the price you offer to your customers. You have complete control over prices whilst allowing salespeople to offer preauthorised discounts.

OfficeQuote Line Discounts

Full Visibility of Quotes Within SuperOffice CRM

Every version of a quote is viewable from within SuperOffice CRM in PDF format ready to send with full version control. The sales team can see all quotes in CRM knowing the discounts or mark ups offered and create new quotes from the original sale.

Price List and Special Price list Integration

OfficeQuote integrates live with your ERP price lists and special price lists where your supplier offers integration. This gives live price updates, reducing the need for manual data entry, saving you time. The reduced need for manual entry also reduces the risk of errors.

Multi-Tender and Revision Handling

Multi-tender and revision handling facilities are provided within the system using a master-child relationship. This means that multiple quotes can be produced for the same job to different prospects, speeding up the time needed to rewrite quotes. The master will be the lead quote and while others will be available to view, only the master will be added to the sales pipeline, allowing more accurate reporting. Quotes can also be marked as lost or sold from within OfficeQuote and a reason selected from the SuperOffice list.

Multilingual & Multi-Currency Options

OfficeQuote can handle multiple currencies, ideal for companies who import goods from different countries, but sell within the UK.

OfficeQuote Brochure

You can download a PDF brochure on OfficeQuote here:

OfficeQuote Brochure

You can view a demo of some of the features of OfficeQuote below:

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