SuperOffice Software Maintenance Agreement

This agreement is compulsory.

Entry into this Agreement in Respect of Software Maintenance (hereafter referred to as the Maintenance Agreement) for the SuperOffice programs (hereafter referred to as the Program) implies.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below.

The Maintenance Agreement is a continuous annual agreement that is renewed automatically for the coming calendar year (the Maintenance Period) unless it is terminated in writing by one of the parties not later than three months prior to the end of the current Period. The Maintenance Agreement is invoiced on the first working day of January each year.

The license agreement of the Program applies.

The Maintenance Agreement is entered into between SuperOffice AS (hereafter referred to as SuperOffice) and the Licensee (hereafter referred to as the Customer).

Scope of the Maintenance Agreement The Customer shall be given access to new versions and service releases (hereafter referred to as updates) of the Program as soon as they become available.
Updates are released according to arising needs, where the need shall be assessed by SuperOffice against the background of what the changes contain. Samples on changes in updates might be:

  • Fault corrections as a result of reports received from customers
  • Changes to the Program as the result of preventive maintenance
  • Changes in the functionality of the system as a consequence of wishes expressed by customers
  • Reprogramming as a consequence of a desired change to the structure of the Program or new drivers, etc.
  • General improvements/changes

Each update of the Program will be accompanied by an installation guide and user manual in electronic format. Under normal circumstances, a description of changes in this version in relation to earlier versions will also be provided.

The Maintenance Agreement shall not include any form of consultancy services or personal support from SuperOffice, beyond what is available on the support FAQ section on

SuperOffice shall not be responsible for any operating breakdown or secondary losses as a consequence of a request for support, errors in the Program and/or equivalent assistance.