Pegasus Software AMC

Synergy Technology is an official partner of Pegasus Software, one of the UK’s leading providers of financial management and business solutions. Opera is Pegasus’ flagship financial management software developed over many years and with a thorough understanding of the requirements of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Through its official partners, Pegasus Software offers its end users Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) as a method of accessing its technical support services. AMCs are available through Synergy Technology now and offer a host of benefits to your business.

What is an AMC?

An Annual Maintenance Contract (or AMC) is an agreement between you, as a user of Pegasus Opera, and Pegasus Software. It offers a straightforward way to keep your Opera system up to date and functioning optimally.

Clients with AMCs can enjoy many potential benefits and rest assured that their software investment is sufficiently covered.

An AMC is:

  • Available through official technical partners like Synergy Technology.
  • A support contract held between Pegasus Software and its end users.
  • The best method of protecting and future-proofing your business’s software systems.

What are the Benefits of an AMC?

Signing up for your own AMC offers a wide range of benefits. Synergy would recommend all Pegasus Opera users consider an AMC in order to gain greater advantages from their existing Opera software system.

There are considerable benefits for businesses wishing to sign up for an AMC. These include:

  • Access Pegasus Opera Technical Support – Gain access to official Pegasus Opera Technical Support through Synergy Technology. Our support staff will act on your behalf, working with Pegasus’ team to resolve any issues as swiftly as possible.
  • Receive Free Software Updates – A Pegasus Software AMC entitles you to free Opera software updates. This ensures you benefit from the very latest improvements and new system features.
  • Ensure Legislative Compliance – Protect your business against legislation changes, particularly where payroll and VAT are concerned. Your AMC will ensure your Opera system is completely up to date and compliant.
  • Protect Your Business from Fire, Theft & Accidental Damage – Keep your business safe against these incidents; if your Pegasus software is stolen or damaged, your AMC will entitle you to a replacement through Synergy Technology.
  • Enjoy Predictable Spending – An AMC will remove the worry of unpredictable spending on software renewals. One simple payment will ensure your software systems are maintained and enhanced for the entire calendar year.
  • Benefit from Exclusive Discounts & Promotions – Receive AMC member-only discounts, available throughout the year through Pegasus and its partners. This lets you enjoy even more benefits from your Pegasus Opera system.

How Do I Sign Up?

Would you like to discuss your requirements and the suitability of an AMC with your current setup? Don’t hesitate to contact the Synergy Technology team today. Contact us on 0345 456 0050 to get started.

For further information about the AMC services available from Pegasus Software, please visit the company’s website here.

Please note: the AMC from Pegasus is invoiced to you from Synergy Technology on Pegasus’ behalf. We act as collecting agent.