Microsoft’s Business Ready Enhancement Plan

Microsoft’s Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available now from Synergy Technology. This comprehensive support service offers a host of potential benefits for businesses like yours.

If you currently use a Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP solution, you’ll know how critical it is to the success of your business. But are you fully utilising your system and gaining all its potential benefits? And are you protecting your software investment?

Synergy now offers Microsoft’s BREP service: a tried and tested method of helping your ERP system to operate smoothly and perform consistently at its highest level, as well as keeping your setup future-proof.

Main BREP Benefits

Microsoft’s BREP offers a host of potential benefits to businesses across the United Kingdom. These benefits range from boosting productivity to access exclusive resources and expert support services. Together, these outstanding features can help you make the most of your pre-existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

Here are just some of BREP’s major features and benefits:

  • Maximised value – Ongoing product improvement helps to improve your system’s performance and increases its value to your business.
  • Upgrade – Gain access to software upgrades and updates, boosting its relevance and day-to-day usefulness.
  • Stay Compliant – Tax and regulatory releases keep your solution up to date and ensure legal compliance.
  • To Protect Your Investment – Keeps your software setup current and ensures you can access future technology.
  • Protected List Price – Allows you to predict costs more accurately and budget for your renewal each year. This approach protects you from price fluctuations and allows you to your system list price as the basis of future renewals.
  • Transition Investment Credit – Transition from one Microsoft Dynamics License Model, Product Line or Edition to another Microsoft Dynamics License Model, Product Line or Edition.
  • Lifecycle – Access continued support and compatibility with your selected version of Microsoft Dynamics now and into the future, allowing your business to evolve as appropriate.
  • Increase Productivity – Access the award-winning CustomerSource website, featuring support, online training and additional community-based services. This includes access to private discussion boards, FAQs and other support channels.
  • CustomerSource & Knowledge Base – Benefit from ongoing support and resources, including access to useful tips and hints as well as documentation on how to best utilise your ERP software.
  • Troubleshooting – Utilise FAQ documents and discussion boards as well as official support to fix any problems you encounter when using your system.

Maximising the Value of Your ERP Solution

In business, it is essential to get the most out of every investment. This is key when it comes to software, since you may be wasting money paying for features you aren’t using or even letting your business suffer by not using all the tools available.

With Microsoft’s BREP, fulfilled by Synergy Technology, you can optimise and protect the usefulness of your software investment. Through access to the latest tutorials, training, certifications, support, upgrades and documentation, our expert team can ensure you gain the full benefit from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV setup.

Synergy Technology’s expert planning and support service provide the perfect solution to complex software issues. From understanding how your ERP system works to learning the best tools for individual tasks, we can help you to gain the best value from your system.

Empowering Your Workforce

Without the correct tools, training and understanding, it is impossible to complete any task successfully. Our BREP service empowers your workforce, helping them to perform their roles more effectively. We can help your employees to be:

More confident – to understand complex tasks and complete them with ease, safe in the knowledge that both training and support are always available.
More productive – to manage time more effectively and complete tasks using the most appropriate tools and functions.
In addition to benefitting your team members in their daily tasks, the BREP for Microsoft Dynamics NAV can also improve your business’s profitability and ability to react to external influences.

Contact Synergy Technology Today

This service is the perfect solution for businesses currently using Microsoft Dynamics NAV and wishing to gain the full benefit of their existing software investment. Taking advantage of Microsoft’s BREP can help you to boost productivity levels, keep your employees happy and grow your business.

For more information about Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV BREP, please contact the Synergy team today. You can call us any time on 0345 456 0050 to discuss your requirements and get started.

Please note: should you sign up, this BREP will be invoiced to you from Synergy Technology on Microsoft’s behalf. We act as a collecting agent for the payment.