Empower your workforce with CRM that works.

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Using a CRM system is not about installing a piece of software, it is usually about changing the company culture, bringing value to the companies data and the accountability of the people. We should always remember that data is a businesses second most valuable asset.

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Implement CRM with Synergy Technology

Empower your workforce with CRM that works.

Implement CRM with Synergy Technology
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The CRM transition to cloud implementation was seamless, it was all taken care of by Synergy Technology with minimal downtime. It was like overnight the system just transformed from an ageing on-premise solution, to the cloud, with a fancy new look and feel and no issues from the get go.

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SuperOffice and Dynamics 365 CRM training, consultancy, support, migration and upgrades

You need a CRM system that works for you. But over the years, we’ve seen too many businesses that aren’t getting the software, or the service they deserve.

We’ve seen it all – so we’re ideally placed to help you. Perhaps you’re struggling with a poorly detailed or non-existent specification for your CRM. Or support that doesn’t live up to the Service Level Agreement you’ve agreed (if there even is an SLA). Admin training is insufficient, when it happens at all.

Why Synergy Technology?

In contrast, we offer comprehensive support, with SLAs in place so you know exactly what you’re getting. We help you to migrate or upgrade if that’s right for you. We provide ongoing and comprehensive training and consultancy.

Most importantly, we do full specifications for the work, with confirmed timescales and complete clarity for everyone. No hidden surprises – just a clear, agreed spec so we fully meet your expectations.

Read on to discover more about our consultancy for SuperOffice and consultancy for Dynamics 365.

Consultancy for SuperOffice

If you’re an existing SuperOffice user, you’ll know that it’s a great CRM system. It flexes to meet the needs of each organisation. There is huge scope for SuperOffice customisation – creating a bespoke system specifically to meet your unique needs.

We’re proud to be the only SuperOffice support partner in the UK trusted by SuperOffice to develop bespoke SuperOffice solutions and development. Our consultancy includes integrations for SuperOffice, customisation, process flows and a huge range of add ons that we’ve developed in-house, including eSuite solutions. Discover more about those here: add ons.

Consultancy for Dynamics 365 CRM

Are you an existing Dynamics 365 CRM user, but struggling to make it work for you and your organisation? If you are, we understand your frustration.

We’re passionate about always making sure that our clients have the service and software that’s best for them. But too often, we talk to businesses that have been sold an overly complex solution that simply doesn’t do what they need it to do.

Fallen foul of a Dynamics software partner who hasn’t set out a clear specification up front? And who then puts too many additional applications in that you don’t need or understand?

You might be struggling with poor support or a lack of clear, consistent communication. You may have been sold the wrong license (and system) – and your software partner has then complicated matters by using applications that are outside of the customer engagement CRM remit.

Now, you feel locked into a partnership that’s not working for you.

So, what can you do? Because Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service is sold mainly online as ‘software as a service’, changing partners can be complex. Our advice is to speak to us first to see how we can help.

Our approach is always to specify everything, right from the outset. That may mean it takes a little longer to begin to make changes to your system. But we think it’s worthwhile making sure everyone is clear on exactly what they’ll get from our partnership.

We always have comprehensive SLAs in place so that both sides are clear about what our support covers, as well as what it doesn’t. We review the licenses you need. And we ensure you get the most out of the system with ongoing admin training.

Use the link at the top of the page to chat with us today about how we can help.

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“We have worked with Synergy Technology for 20 years now and they have always set themselves apart by truly understanding us and our business.”
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Contender UK
“We have and continue to benefit from a vastly more efficient use of our SuperOffice CRM for monitoring and controlling our Sales pipeline and follow up process.”
Melcom Electronics Ltd
“We couldn’t live without Power BI and the data from Dynamics 365 for sales and customer services. It’s an amazing tool that gives you high level information whenever you need…
Managing Director
Contender UK

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