Implement Business Central with Synergy Technology

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Having a reliable scalable ERP system behind the scenes with the ongoing support from a dedicated Dynamics Nav / Business Central partner in Synergy Technology is critical to our expansion.


Implement Business Central with Synergy Technology

Implement Business Central with Synergy Technology

Implement Business Central with Synergy Technology
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Having a reliable scalable ERP system behind the scenes with the ongoing support from a dedicated Dynamics Nav / Business Central partner in Synergy Technology is critical to our expansion.


Why implement Business Central with Synergy Technology?

Has your business outgrown basic accounting packages? Are you struggling to find a solution that makes it easier for your teams to collaborate and report? Or perhaps you have invested in a solution that may have been poorly implemented and is giving you little value.

You need an experienced partner who can provide solutions that will help you grow. A partner who listens – only offering a solution that’s relevant for you and that addresses your unique pain points.

As a Microsoft Partner for over a decade with many years of industry experience we are best placed to work with you to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as NAV or Navision).

You need the most experienced, proactive and responsive team in the industry at your side. A team that understands what you’re trying to achieve, your strategic aims and that cares about your outcomes.

Business Central is a scalable highly customisable cloud-based solution that meets your needs, whatever your role.

I’m in Finance. How can Business Central help me?

You are in an influential role in one of the most critical parts of your organisation. Yet too much of your time is currently spent fixing missing data, correcting invoicing errors or solving issues from teams across your business.

Dynamics 365 Business Central puts you in control. It gives you and your colleagues a clear view of everything from chart accounts to cash management, fixed assets, bank management, inter-company postings, multi-currency and deferrals.

It makes it easy for teams across the business to perform simple tasks such as processing invoices but more importantly it frees your financial professionals to focus on process and procedures so that you work closer with other departments seamlessly.

It integrates fully with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), so it’s easy for teams to use Outlook or Excel without leaving the application. It brings reporting together into one solution, whether you are using integrations such as Power BI dashboards or reporting on KPIs – giving your finance team smart data they can work with.

I’m business or operations leader. How can Business Central help me?

As a senior leader, you’re under pressure to find ways to continuously improve how you do business. You are responsible for managing teams focusing on everything from sales and marketing to supply chain and supplier management. And until now, you have struggled to find an ERP partner who can implement your new solution without it disrupting business performance. You need a solution that stays relevant to your business, is easy to adopt and that helps you to report.

Business Central brings everything together – people, processes and data – in one place. For you, that means it’s quick and easy for your teams to adopt and get up and running. Each team member gets a role-based view of the system – whether they’re in finance, sales, operations or your warehouses. It’s immediately relevant and means they can focus only on what matters.

As a leader, you’ll see greater business continuity, as your sales, service, finance and operations teams work more closely together. And with better quality data and reporting available, you’ll make better strategic decisions, forecast more accurately and work in a more agile and responsive way.

Because it’s cloud-based, scalable and requires minimal management from your IT team, there’s no need to invest in any new hardware or additional resources. It is a long-term solution so if you only need 5 users today but perhaps 50 users in the next 10 years the solution is designed to grow with your business avoiding the need to implement new software. Business Central from Synergy Technology also integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft solutions, including Teams, Word, Excel and Outlook, meaning your people can be more productive and collaborate better.

Microsoft leads the way in terms of research and development with Dynamics 365 Business Central far out-weighing competitor products. That constant evolution is crucial in an ever-evolving workplace, and their exceptional investment in R&D means that you and your business will benefit from a proactive, forward-thinking partnership.

And for you as a leader, that you’ll have a partner who can help you to think even more strategically about the role that ERP will play in growing your business.

I’m in Sales. How can Business Central help me?

As an experienced sales’ person, you know you’re only as good as the information you have to hand as you try to make a sale. Ever lost a sale thanks to a delay or inaccurate data? Then you understand just how important it is to have accurate, timely data that’s quick and easy to access and that stays consistent across your organisation.

Business Central gives you this. You will enjoy an end-to-end view of data from across the business. It is always up to date and you can access it anywhere, from any device. It will drive performance across your sales teams, boosting close rates.

You can customise your view to make it easy to input data, meaning you can quote and close deals more quickly. Business Central also makes it easier to forecast – meaning you can avoid any potential supply chain issues for your clients. The Business Central solution contains a basic core customer relationship management (CRM) offering, however should a more comprehensive sales and forecasting focus be required we also implement that in Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM), and we integrate the two.

You and your sales team know that customer experience is everything. To support you in this, Business Central is backed by smart AI. This means you can spot patterns in the market, proactively address issues and always deliver a seamless customer experience.

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