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An all-in-one marketing platform, stand-alone, or integrated with SuperOffice CRM

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An all-in-one marketing platform, stand-alone, or integrated with SuperOffice CRM

Construct multi-channel marketing campaigns. Create, manage, and provide your sales team with qualified leads. Track your progress and grow your company.

Multi-Channel Marketing On Demand

Construct and integrate several marketing elements to create eye-catching, appealing lead-generation campaigns.

Workflows that are clear and easy to understand guarantee cost effectiveness and adaptability for your company.

  • Newsletters
  • Event management
  • Website tracking
  • Mobile apps
  • Evaluations
  • SMS messaging
  • Marketing automation
  • And much more!
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Enhanced Company Profiles will Help you Really Get to Know your Leads

For every contact, a company profile is created and enhanced with publicly available online data. The information that is presented to you, includes company lead score, employees, marketing engagement, size, and location and industry.

  • Social channels
  • Location
  • Years in business
  • Industry
  • Company News
  • Company Bio
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Nurture Prospects to Become Sales Ready Leads

Effortlessly launch nurture campaigns targeting these leads who may not be quite ready to make a purchase. This is where you provide education and demonstrate value through engaging content and enticing promotional offers, guiding them through their decision-making journey.

  • Flow builder
  • Email, SMS and notification
  • CRM actions
  • Trigger on any contact data
  • Trigger on score
  • Trigger from social media
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Deliver Qualified Leads to the Right Sales Person Automatically

Help the sales team sell more. Use features like lead scoring to find relevant leads. The lead board then automatically feeds the sales team with qualified leads from the marketing campaigns and visualizes the process to move them closer to a sale.

  • Drag and drop leads
  • Assign and qualify
  • Share to CRM
  • Engagement history
  • Lead score
  • Lead streams
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eMarketeer Integration with SuperOffice CRM

eMarketeer is the only certified full scale marketing automation tool for SuperOffice CRM. For digital marketers seeking advanced marketing functions without sacrificing the convenience of having all your customer and prospect data in one location, this solution is perfect. eMarketeer is tightly integrated with SuperOffice CRM, giving you access to all these features:

  • Marketing automation
  • Lead scoring
  • Customer journey and lead reports in SuperOffice CRM
  • Marketing engagement reports in SuperOffice CRM
  • Email marketing
  • Event management
  • Mobile apps and SMS
  • Web forms, surveys, and evaluations
  • Website visitor identification
  • Contact and consent management
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Boost SuperOffice with Marketing Power

With all marketing features included, you will never have to think about buying any other marketing add-ons for your CRM system.

eMarketeer SuperOffice features

Want more information on eMarketeer?

The Synergy Technology team is proud to be an official partner of eMarketeer and to offer eMarketeer solutions, both stand alone and integrated with SuperOffice CRM throughout the United Kingdom.

If you would like more information on eMarketeer, or Synergy Technology’s integration with SuperOffice, please call us today on 0345 456 0050 or visit our contact page to send us an email.

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