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eMarketeer More marketing muscle with less effort

Manage all your emarketing tasks with ONE tool

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, there are so many exciting new ways to stay connected. eMarketeer helps bring people closer to the brands and products they love by helping businesses to consolidate their marketing efforts and create content to better engage and understand their customers.

eMarketeer enables you to control multiple channels such as email, web, social, forms and mobile – all in one tool. eMarketeer’s versatile building model makes it easy for you to manage all your emarketing tasks through one multi purpose platform. Use them individually or combine them into scheduled campaign flows to nuture leads and win business.

Email Marketing

Create powerful newsletters and email campaigns, with stunning templates, personalisation and complete customisation.

Event Management

eMarketeer allows you to design, schedule, automate and execute your entire event process, including post-event follow-up.

Web Surveys

Create quick evaluation questionnaires and full scale multi page surveys with the easy drag and drop form builder.

Web Monitor

With Web monitor you can see who is visiting your website and what pages they spend time on.

Facebook Marketing

With eMarketeer you can easily build custom Facebook pages using our intuitive and powerful page editor.

Mobile Marketing

Create gorgeous responsive emails and include text messaging and mobile apps in your marketing mix.

SuperOffice plugin

By integrating SuperOffice CRM with eMarketeer, gain qualified leads from web and marketing activities delivered automatically to your CRM. eMarketeer’s SuperOffice Plugin gives Sales-Reps real-time leads from your web and marketing activities, delivered automatically to their account in SuperOffice. Developed using a set of best practices learned through hundreds of CRM integrations, eMarketeer’s lead management solution provides a quick self-deployment process that helps you determine which data should be shared between the two systems and what kind of information you want to pass over to your sales team.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is an integral part of any advanced lead nurture lifecycle marketing program. eMarketeer allows you to nurture leads from your marketing interaction by feeding important information automatically into SuperOffice. Who is on your website? Who is active in your emails, on Facebook, and registering to events? eMarketeer automatically gives Sales a heads-up on what their customers are doing within your marketing activities straight to SuperOffice.

Act on the behaviour of prospects across multiple channels, nurturing leads at scale while better aligning sales and marketing teams. Set up is a matter of minutes. With eMarketeer it’s easy to automate actions from any event that might occur in all supported e-marketing channels e.g. Web, E-mail, SMS/Textmessage, Web Forms and Campaign Sites.

eMarketeer in 2 minutes!

Responsive templates

eMarketeer comes equiped with 100’s of responsive templates, making it even easier for you to create great looking content, that looks professional on both a desktop and on a mobile device. Each template can be easily customised with your own logo, images and text to ensure that your company branding is consistent throughout.

eMarkteer’s content editor is connected to over 250 external content services i.e. Youtube, Vimeo, Google Maps, Slideshare, Instagram and many more. Connect your blog, CRM or CMS system to eMarketeer and take advantage of our dynamic multi-channel eMarketing system.

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    "Synergy Technology has been instrumental in implementing our IT systems and ensuring that we maximise the effectiveness of SuperOffice within our business. The Synergy Technology team really has made this a success for us and also SuperOffice as a product."

    Alastair Shires, Contender UK

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