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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online vs. On-Premise or Hosted

Dynamics 365 Online vs. On-Premise (Hosted)

We started to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 when it was at version 4 in around 2007.  Back then, the Microsoft offering was very much an on-premise solution.  The only way for a business to take ...
Top 2021 Dynamics 365 Trends

PowerApps Portals for Dynamics 365

There are a variety of PowerApps available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 environments, which can be delivered across organisations.  With PowerApps Portals, Dynamics 365 environments can build and deliv ...
End of support

Dynamics 365 Deprecations & End of Life Support

Each year Microsoft has a set roadmap to deprecate or remove support for a number of products.  Microsoft deprecations means that they will remove the feature or capability from a future major releas ...
Pegasus Opera 3 Cashbook

Pegasus Opera 3 Cashbook

The Pegasus Opera 3 Cashbook is an application that is totally amalgamated within the Opera 3 system. Accurate and recent information on any bank and petty cash accounts is constantly being given by t ...
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Schedule

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Schedule

In Spring 2014 Microsoft made several enhancements to the Dynamics 365 customer service management application including setting first and second (Service Level Agreements) SLAs. This new functionalit ...