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Benefits of SuperOffice Pocket CRM from Synergy Technology

The Key to Survival is Evolution

We're in the thick of the COVID-19 global pandemic and it's already claimed many different businesses around the world.

A number of these businesses won't have been far away from collapse ...


How to Leverage a CRM to Up the Sales Pace

To say COVID has had an impact on businesses would be an understatement. Not just small business but large, global corporations have also been badly hit by the global pandemic. In many cases, there ...

Secure Pegasus Opera hosting from Citadel via Synergy Technology.

Post-Brexit UK Based Hosting Solutions

January 31st, 2020. The day that the United Kingdom (UK) officially left the European Union (EU). From this day onward, 2020 is being treated as a transition period but after the transition period, ...


Is Your Business E-Commerce Ready?

In this COVID world, the team here at Synergy Technology want to make sure that your customers can find your business, products and services as quickly as possible. We are currently working with busin ...

Is Now the Time to Review Your Warehouse Solutions?

For years now, Synergy Technology and MJM have partnered to provide a complete barcode solution to busy warehouses. Given that we are in the midst of a global pandemic and on the whole, there are l ...
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How Are Your Customers Today?

We partner with Survey Mechanics to offer beautifully crafted feedback forms that will enable you to get a better understanding of where your customers are at in these uncertain times. Survey Mecha ...

Turn Data into Valuable Insight with Jet Analytics

If everyone within your organisation isn’t pulling data from the same place, your business decisions will be about as good as just flipping a coin and calling heads or tails and letting that dictate ...