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Benefits of SuperOffice Pocket CRM

SuperOffice CRM is the key to great customer relationships, providing an extremely powerful, yet user-friendly CRM tool to give you a full view of your customer contacts and supports your sales and marketing business processes. This helps to effectively forge seamless and tight-knit links to your customer-oriented business processes, between your employees and your company’s customers, prospects and suppliers. This is perfect for business’ working on a desktop, but what about when you are out of the office? That is where Pocket CRM comes in…

What is Pocket CRM?

With SuperOffice Pocket CRM, you give your employees the ability to access your entire CRM database, whilst out of the office through your smartphone or tablet. It provides you with real-time access to your entire CRM database – not just a subset of data or just personal information. Therefore, you can effortlessly work and retrieve data whilst at home, work or even abroad – basically anywhere you can connect to the internet!

Benefits of Pocket CRM

Even if you don’t class yourself as tech-savvy, the Pocket CRM app is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for easy navigation and information presented methodically for ease of understanding.

With your company’s data readily accessible, you can easily manage tasks on-the-go, whether this is to update and search for contacts, tasks, appointments and sales opportunities. Finally, you can monitor key business metrics to track the progression your business is making, even if you are in another country. 

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