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Ignite Your Migration to Opera 3 SQL SE

At Synergy Technology, we understand that meeting your business’ challenges daily can be complex without the correct tools. But we have the perfect solution – introducing Opera 3 SQL SE. This Pegasus Software has been designed to help accelerate SMEs to make managing your business in a simpler and more efficient way to meet your business’ everyday needs.

One size doesn’t fit all

Opera 3 SQL SE has been designed to be a fully customisable and flexible system to make sure that it fits in with your business correctly, meet your daily challenges and all your business needs. As well as this, Opera 3 will help to eliminate the need to run separate finance, payroll and service systems, saving you money, time and effort.

With Synergy Technology, we can help you with implementing modifications and add-on features into your Opera system at any given point, so you never have to be a step behind! Pegasus can be integrated and used across a variety of industries, from manufacturing to distribution to retail to charitable work. When migrating to Opera 3 SQL SE with Synergy Technology, we will assist you in receiving all these features:

  • Error correction tools
  • Credit Management for keeping an eye on customer debts
  • Multi-level analysis of your finances and cashflow
  • Views for drill-down of data to then export to Microsoft Excel
  • Submitting VAT returns electronically
  • Customisable navigation bar
  • Repeat invoicing for contract sales invoices
  • Ease of scheduling in multiple tasks at a time which suits you.

Synergy Technology is one of the UK’s leading providers of Pegasus accounting, payroll and business software solutions. You can find out more about Pegasus Opera 3 on our website:

If you want to start the migration today, send us your enquiry online or give us a call on 0345 456 0050 – we are more than happy to help!