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Zetadocs Express Released

The award-winning expenses software Zetadocs is now available in an Express edition. This update is free for Business Central/NAV cloud users.

Zetadocs Express is a new software version that is designed to allow up to 25 employees to quickly submit expenses before approval and export to Business Central/NAV. This can be done either using a smartphone or desktop computer and brings welcome flexibility in the current challenging climate.

Now is the perfect time to review your expense management process, since – for the vast majority of businesses – the number of expenses will inevitably be reduced down to lockdown.

New Express Version

In this exciting new development, a free Express edition of the popular Zetadocs Expense software has been released to support customers that are using lockdown to assess where they can streamline financial processes.

By allowing your team to submit expenses and export them seamlessly to Business Central/NAV, you can identify areas where spend may need further examination. Following the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, evaluating spend is crucial and this software release will help many users to grasp a firmer hold on their finances.

Zetadocs Express Features

The latest version of Zetadocs brings with it a host of useful features. These include:

  • Fast, reimbursable expenses – your employees can log any mileage or cash expenses on the Zetadocs Expenses app, whilst uploading a picture of the receipt. This helps to ensure you can pay expenses more quickly and without trawling through paper receipts.
  • Approval on the go – managers can now approve expense claims through the app, on their smartphone or via a desktop browser. Receive prompts when employee expense reports are available, ensuring swifter payments with less waiting around for both parties.
  • Total visibility – your financial department can view each stage of the expense report, identifying any errors more easily and ensuring monthly pay run is met on time.
  • Export directly to BC/NAV – export expense reports to Business Central without rekeying, as expenses are recorded as purchases or journals, with vendor, GL, dimension and tax codes already set.

These features make this financial software exceedingly helpful in the effective management of expenses in the modern business environment. If you are a Business Central/NAV user and are interested in this app and how it could help you, please get in touch with Synergy Technology now.

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