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Credit Management Assistance

The Credit Management Centre is available now as a module for your Pegasus Opera system. Written by Opera’s developers, it features a Debt Management feature that can help you to take back control of your cashflow.

If you are a credit controller, you will know that many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) experience late customer payments. This is highly damaging for any organisation and can lead to substantial disruption to your daily operations.

Debt Management

The Credit Management Centre is available now from Synergy Technology and can be added to your existing Pegasus Opera setup. It offers powerful tools, allowing you can create up to nine levels of debtor correspondence, such as debt recovery letter templates. This can help you to get paid faster and safeguard your cashflow.

Designed to be straightforward and easy to use, a Debt Management tool is also included with the module. This useful addition can help to consolidate all the information required for effective credit control.

Implemented correctly, this can help your business in multiple ways:

  • Access key information with ease.
  • Use real-time graphs to better understand your figures.
  • See how much money is owed, and by whom, at a glance.
  • Help to reduce bad debt.
  • Ensure cashflow does not falter.
  • Improve your business’s financial position.

In addition to these features, the Data Management tool also facilitates in-depth reporting to help you gain a clearer picture of the money owed to your organisation. Effective debtor control is just one way in which Synergy Technology can help your business succeed.

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Synergy Technology’s experts are here to ensure you get the greatest benefits from your Pegasus Opera software investment. If you are interested in adding the Credit Management Centre to your software suite and would like to discuss pricing, please contact us today.

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