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Upgrade to Opera 3 SQL SE with Synergy Technology

Pegasus has been providing intelligent, powerful and user-friendly business solutions for over 35 years, in which Opera 3 SQL SE is just one of the numerous software available. It has the same familiar look and feel as Opera 3 but removes the need for any retraining once upgraded.

Many people have started to take advantage of the Opera 3 SQL solution from Pegasus, which is designed for small and medium companies, with the power to aim much higher!

Benefits of Opera 3 SQL SE

With your everyday business needs in mind, the Opera 3 SQL SE lays the foundation for the future by using 64-bit Microsoft .NET framework technologies in the latest 64-bit Windows Server and Windows desktop operating systems. This helps to take your business efficiency and security to the next level. Furthermore, Opera SE can support Microsoft SQL Server Expresses, providing your business with the option of both Express and full SQL Server.

The benefits of added speed and security, as well as being the one-stop-shop for all the tools and recourses, provides you with everything you need to run your business successfully.

Furthermore, the scheduling of many operations such as Payroll Update, Purchase Period End, Sales to Nominal Transfer, etc. is usually data-intensive processes.

This heavy-duty ‘data-intensive processes’ – which often take quite some time to complete – are usually run from the PC workstations but with a SQL back end, all the processing work is done on the Opera 3 SQL SE server instead. As well as minimising the impact on your IT network, your workstations are not used at all for by a data-intensive process, and so can be used for other tasks. This, in turn, reduces network load.

In turn, the data-intensive processes can now all be scheduled to run outside office hours, or they can be run whilst all are still in the system as it runs in the background. NO need to ask everybody to come out of Opera whilst you update the processes.

The new Developer Integration Toolkit (DIT) allows for the creation and deployment of bespoke ‘Applications’ at the touch of a button, like the apps on your mobile phone. The system has been fully created with customisation in mind. If an app doesn’t perform as expected it can be easily removed.

On Opera 3 this is exclusive to each client however once written as an ‘App’ it is far easier to deploy across many systems and therefore cheaper as the same app will work on each Opera software system and will reduce the cost if a solution has been prewritten and is available.

Opera 3 SQL SE can be integrated with third-party applications such as Power BI for dashboards.

Finally, new Reporting Roles have been introduced into Pegasus XRL for SE to provide an intermediary level of data access security. Reporting Roles allows the administrator to restrict Pegasus XRL users from accessing certain modules within Opera 3 SQL SE. Even though a user might have access to the Nominal Ledger, it is possible to restrict that user from using Pegasus XRL to access Nominal Ledger data files to create Excel spreadsheets.

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