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6 Benefits of Setting up a B2B e-Commerce Store

Many distribution businesses and wholesalers are starting to look at not just promoting their business online but actually selling their products online too. With an ERP back end system already in place, many B2B e-commerce systems are designed to bolt onto the ERP system and integrate directly into existing processes to quickly provide a front end online store ready to go.

Whether you’re a seasoned online sales expert or just starting on your journey towards e-commerce success, you probably already know what a massive difference an online sales portal can make. But are you aware of just how much a web store can do for your business? Read on to learn more about the six key features of an e-commerce site for business to business trade.

1: Creating More Business Opportunities

To grow your potential client base a web store can help strengthen your online presence, letting potential clients and resellers find you through search engines. This is especially effective if you choose to make your catalogue pages public. However, even if you decide to keep your catalogue private, you can use targeted marketing content in your web store to grab the attention of new clients.

2: Improving Sales

Attracting more clients can help boost your sales, but that’s not the only way a B2B e-commerce platform can help improve your business performance. Choosing the right B2B e-commerce solution lets you display relevant and specific product recommendations for your visitors. You can make sure your clients see related products, but also items with more features, unlocking powerful cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

3: Lowering Costs

Growing your revenue while minimising your costs might sound impossible, but it’s a very real benefit of B2B e-commerce. Modern technology lets you take almost every aspect of your business online, including order entry, client information provision and customer service. By automating and streamlining these various processes, your company can cut down on unnecessary costs – even while you make your business processes more efficient.

Synergy Technology can help you start selling online. By adopting an e-commerce system with 100% seamless integration into Dynamics NAV, you can use customer pricing, product specifications, inventory levels and more in your online store using information directly from your ERP system.

4: Gaining Client Feedback

A great online buying experience keeps your clients coming back for more, and it might even help drive sales. A positive review from another buyer is likely to be more trustworthy than a promotional text from a manufacturer or wholesaler. By offering an exceptional B2B web store, you can turn your clients into evangelists. By simply leaving a review, clients sharing their enthusiasm can have an incredible effect on your business, with reviews producing an average of 18% uplift in sales.

5: Reaching New Markets

We already mentioned that a B2B web store can help you reach more clients. And those clients don’t necessarily have to be in your existing markets.
Because your online sales portal won’t rely on the availability of your sales team, your digital sales channel can be available 24/7, 365 days a year. By eliminating the challenge that time differences often pose in the order process, B2B e-commerce makes it easier than ever to serve a wider international market.

6: Building Data-Driven Profiles

Powerful B2B e-commerce software lets you streamline and automate plenty of processes, and it can also grant unique insight into the data that matters to your sales and marketing operations – especially if you integrate your B2B e-commerce platform with your ERP system such as Dynamics NAV.

With an integrated e-commerce setup, your ERP system can calculate detailed sales statistics for each of your clients. Order totals, revenue, profit percentages, or even discounts within a specific time period. With so much data available, there’s no need for vague estimates.

The information for this post was kindly provided by Sana Commerce.