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Using a complete ERP solution to reach your customers

Many industries have a variety of specific requirements for their sales and distribution networks. The sound and lighting industry is no different. With expensive and often substantial equipment shipped to a wide range of locations, the management of goods and services being distributed needs to be tightly monitored and tracked.

Recognising how your business can benefit from using the best most suitable ERP system coupled with the professional support provided by an experienced technical partner is the start to ensuring you have a truly streamlined process.

“Microsoft Dynamics NAV reaches into every part of the business process and helps to run the business effectively and efficiently from the receipt of an order online to the implementation of despatch, delivery, invoicing through to product replenishment.” Charlie Henden, Leisuretec

8 things to consider when choosing a logistics and distribution system and support partner in the sound and lighting industry.

1: Managing high value items

With a lot of money tied up in expensive goods it is important to keep track of items that are high in value. Dynamics NAV provides for very robust Serial Number and Batch Number Tracking. To accommodate most of the batch and serial number tracking scenarios that you need for logistics and distribution, Dynamics NAV provides setup screens to pick and choose what you need to track.

2: Retrospective payments

Often in this industry the distributor is dealing with retrospective payments and incentives from suppliers to resell their product range. Retrospective payments means that the amount paid is determined by (or based on) what the supplier has charged. Dynamics NAV is designed to deal with these types of payments so you can easily reconcile and recognise revenue.

3: A smooth traceable returns process

Being the middleman can be a challenging position where you have to not only deal with the sales return, but automatically create a return to the supplier. Therefore you need a reliable system to ensure the returns process is quick and smooth between your customers and suppliers and that you can quickly and effectively deal directly with suppliers when dealing with repairs and replacements.

4: Dealing with the complexities of being a supplier to large manufacturers

Being a smaller customer to larger organisations is no fun. It can sometimes cause issues in terms of the ability to control the distribution of goods and payment processes and to assert influence on your suppliers. Using a system set up to manage reporting and dealing with the complex arrangements with larger manufacturers, including multiple locations and different price structures all helps with ensuring you make the most out of the relationship.

5: Website Integration

Most businesses in the sound and light industry need to be able to promote their goods and services to their customers in various distribution channels including online and web shops – customers want an easier point of sale, they have greater access to pricing and choice as well as expecting their suppliers to offer the latest in technology and delivery to make their buying experience easier. Therefore a key challenge is ensuring a single source of maintaining data, up-to-date stock levels, accurate delivery charges and customer status (including customers on block, credit limits etc). Using a system like Dynamics NAV allows you to have seamless integration into your web shop, be that your own store or third party sites such as eBay and Amazon.

6: Prompt payment discount and pay less

With a wide range of supplier terms, you need to ensure you can deal with VAT implications and the ability to monitor and ensure Prompt Payment Discounts (PPD) is all managed in the system. This ensures paying less to your suppliers and using it as an incentive for customers. By using simple setups in Dynamics NAV you can implement this with ease

7: Trade & retail pricing

Your system needs to keep track of the Recommended Retail Price (RRP), the trade price you pay and any special discounts you want to offer to your customers. This is particularly important when sharing these between warehousing systems and online marketplaces.

8: Logistics and warehouse functionality

In this day and age no business survives without the promise of prompt delivery, and meeting the ever-changing expectations of their customers. From an automated warehouse with a mobile warehouse management system to the provision of products and services via global couriers, you need to ensure that your system can cope with high volumes and a quick turn over.

Being a Microsoft business application, Dynamics NAV has a Windows look and feel and functionality that is familiar to the users. Our clients find it intuitive to use, with little training required to get started. Coupled with the technical expertise and experience that our Dynamics NAV team has in the sound and lighting industry, Synergy Technology can ensure your system works effectively for you. We are also an accredited Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner.
Michael Gibbs, Synergy Technology.

At Synergy Technology we recognise that your sound and lighting business requires a specialist ERP system and support partners that understand and know your industry. We offer the right technical support to help you manage the demand and supply of your goods as well as customers and financial processes.

From dealing with high value items, retrospective payments as well as understanding the complexities of being a supplier to large manufacturers – our specialist ERP technical team can advise you on the best system to manage the your stock control, delivery and payments.

Furthermore, we can also advise you on getting your goods online and your ERP system integrated into your e-commerce site as well as developing a mobile warehouse management system.
Needless to say our professional technical team can also create and integrate bespoke modules into your existing ERP system so that it’s a perfect fit for your business.

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In such a specialist marketplace, we hear what you are saying and can see what we need to do, offering you a brighter future for your business!