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Pegasus Personal Data Search

Pegasus Personal Data Search Utility

Launched in 2018 for GDPR compliance the Personal Data Search Utility is a must-have component for your Opera 3 solution.  GDPR affects every business holding personal data and all businesses should be able to demonstrate they are holding personal data securely and that they are able to provide personal data to a contact should they […]

SuperOffice diary

Duplicating SuperOffice Diary Appointments

Here’s a SuperOffice diary trick that you may not know about, which will save time when splitting or duplicating an appointment.   Let’s say you are working on something all morning, but halfway through the work you are asked to attend another appointment.   Now you have to change your SuperOffice diary to suit this […]

Top 2021 Dynamics 365 Trends

Top 2021 Dynamics 365 Trends

Exciting new developments are coming to Microsoft Dynamics 365 this year.   Check out our top 2021 Dynamics 365 Trends blog which will help you to focus your efforts to gain the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 software this year.      Further Integration with Microsoft Teams    Unsurprisingly, Microsoft Teams has grown substantially within the past year due to the current situation. People have adopted it as […]

Why CRM is the best software

6 Reasons Why CRM Is The Best Software For Remote Working

As CRM software users, implementers and evangelists, as a team we can’t live without our CRM software.  If it’s not in CRM it simply didn’t happen.  But take it a step further and move to Covid and lockdown.  CRM has enabled our business and our clients’ businesses to be even closer at a time as […]

Microsoft Business Central

Top 10 Features of Microsoft Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool with an entry point element of customer relationship management, which enables the important business processes to be managed through one application.  It revolutionises the daily running of a business by streamlining and automating procedures. An estimated 400,000+ businesses are using Microsoft Dynamics […]

Creating a Blueprint for UK Competitiveness

Creating a Blueprint for UK Competitiveness

It’s certainly was a great year of change in 2020.  Following 4 years of Brexit discussions many businesses across the UK were thinking about stability to take us through that time, then came Covid-19.  With the economy under great strain following the first lockdown, and with a second wave rising the recovery ahead is still uncertain, especially […]