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eSuite: Your CRM, Your Way

Synergy Technology are an official partner of eSuite, which is a leading developer of add-ons for modern CRM software, such as SuperOffice.

With Synergy Technology, we can help you create an all-in-one business system. There is a plethora of ways in which you can make your system your own, either through add-ons via customer developer, through our in-house eSuite written programmes or even 3rd party.

Being an official partner of eSuite, we can help you understand what your CRM software is capable of!

eSuite has been developed to revolve around the deployment of additional software to SuperOffice, Pegasus Opera 3 and Microsoft Business Central. There are multiple add-ons available, including:

  • eDocument Viewer: Read the content of a PDF or email in the mini-portal of SuperOffice
  • SAGE Pay integration: Manage payments and billing with ease
  • eCommerce Integration: Sync online sales and account information
  • Office Sync: Sync data between SuperOffice and various accounts.

Find out more about eSuite with Synergy Technology here:

To get started with eSuite, give Synergy Technology a call on 0345 456 0050 or send your enquiry through on our website.

eSuite for CRM software from Synergy Technology.