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New Features added to Zetadocs Expenses Update

Recently, Zetadocs Expenses has updated to include a new feature to the software. The single sign-in support is available for all customers on Microsoft Business Central or Nav using the Zetadocs Expenses Connector from June 2019 onwards.

Benefits of Single Sing-In Support

With this support, it enables users to gain access to Zetadocs Expenses through signing-in to their Microsoft work or school account for their company, without signing-in to Zetadocs Expenses separately.

With this enabled, it makes it easier for Office 365 customers to sign-in to Zetadocs Expenses using the same Microsoft account which they use to access their other Microsoft cloud services. These include Office 365, Power BI and Dynamics 365.

Alongside this, it is far simpler for IT staff to manage employee access to corporate software centrally.

If you would like to hear more about the range of services offered by Zetadocs, such as their electronic invoicing and how to live in a paper-free office, contact Synergy Technology today.

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New features for Zetadocs Expenses - Synergy Technology 2019.