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Opera Accounting software gets ready for Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital and the Government Gateway

HMRC has now confirmed that from 1 April 2019 VAT100 submissions must be done via software interfacing with the new API; they will not be accepting submissions made via their website. Pegasus has provided a helpful update for Opera users (see details below).

Government Gateway changes

By March 2018, the functionality provided by the Government Gateway will be migrated to a new HMRC Multi Digital Tax Platform (MDTP). The new platform will cater for online VAT and RTI submissions via what HMRC refers to as a ‘transaction engine’, which will have a different URL compared to the current Government Gateway. Customers will have to migrate to the new transaction engine by approximately 13 February 2018, after which the current Government Gateway service will end.

What this means for Opera 3 users

Pegasus has a clear road map for ensuring their flagship software is ready to deal with digital submissions. After upgrading to Online Filing Manager (4.00), Opera 3 users will be able to use the software as normal for all submissions to HMRC. From April 2019 Opera 3 will support the new API for Making Tax Digital VAT submissions to HMRC.

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For further information on Pegasus Opera products and getting ready for Tax Digital please contact Synergy Technology on 0345 456 0050.