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Pegasus eCommerce Introducing the UK's Leading eCommerce Platform: EKM.

EKM is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that provides everything you need to create your perfect online shop.


With over 40 features and functions, EKM is a comprehensive e-commerce solution that can integrate seamlessly with your existing Opera 3 system. Create and maintain your online shop, boosting sales and promoting your business to a worldwide audience.

EKM’s many features include tools to help you control Google settings, discounts, Facebook Pixel setup, cart statistics, social media plugins, email marketing, eBay integration, customer login setup and more. Collectively, these provide an unprecedented level of control that helps you to produce the website your business needs.

Over 80,000 online shops currently use EKM to bring their products to their customers. With its user-friendly interface and customisable themes, EKM is the perfect option for Opera 3 users wishing to create an online store with ease. Choose from over 70 free theme templates and edit the look and feel of your online shop to best reflect your target audience and the needs of your business’s customers. Moreover, all themes are optimised for mobile, making your new store much more futureproof and ensuring your clients can find you even when they are out and about.


Its comprehensive set of easy to use tools makes EKM a perfect option that can scale with your business as your online presence grows. Facilitate sales and keep your customers happy with the very latest in e-commerce software.

Unique Evolution Mode

EKM’s unique evolution mode enables you to adjust your website setup, ensuring it evolves with current trends and never stagnates. From your design’s look and feel to its functions and usability, evolution mode empowers you to build an engaging e-commerce environment.

Dedicated Account Managers

When you sign up with EKM, you are assigned a dedicated account manager whose job it is to ensure you get the greatest benefit from your online store. From design and setup to optimisation and technical support, EKM’s account managers provide tailored insight.

Why Choose EKM & Opera 3?

If you are an existing Opera 3 user, you will know how its powerful tools and scalability can help your business to succeed. No matter what size your organisation is, Opera 3 offers the perfect business solution. The ability to add modules and integrations, including EKM, adds greater flexibility and allows you to change your Opera setup to best reflect your individual requirements.

At Synergy Technology, we can help you to set up your EKM integration and get the best start towards your new online store. Whether you are starting afresh or simply wishing to rejuvenate your online presence, EKM and Opera 3 make the perfect pairing to ensure your customer can find and purchase your products or services 24/7.

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EKM eCommerce Highlights

  • Create the ideal online store for your business
  • Use 40+ tools to control and track your website’s performance
  • Choose from over 70 free templates
  • Integrate seamlessly with Pegasus Opera 3
  • Control catalogues and stock with ease
  • Enjoy built-in mobile optimisation
  • Receive support from EKM account managers
  • Tailor your web store to your business
  • Master EKM’s user-friendly back-end interface
  • Facilitate more online sales and bigger profits
  • Access a full Facebook community for support
  • Join over 80,000 other EKM users

EKM is available now for Synergy Technology customers, complete with a free website review and 28-day free trial.

The free trial includes a free domain name, 7-day-a-week UK support, an SSL certificate, access to EKM’s Facebook community, with no contract commitment. Following your trial period, prices start at £32.49 +VAT, making EKM an affordable solution for all businesses.

Contact Synergy Technology today to discuss adding an EKM integration to your Pegasus setup. Call us on 0345 456 0050 or fill out the contact form below and our expert team will be in touch.

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